What is Inside Property Investing All About?


Mike Stenhouse is the host of Inside Property Investing – a regular podcast going behind the scenes with the most inspirational and effective UK property investors and property service providers.

Inside Property Investing was started by a passion to share the stories, successes, failures and lessons of successful property professionals with a growing audience of people looking at property as a way to secure their own financial freedom, or simply move on up the property ladder.

During each interview we delve into the details of how each guest got started in investing, their biggest successes & difficulties, and what property investing strategies they’re currently focussing on, as well as them sharing advice and guidance on their secrets to success, their favourite property related resources, and how they would get started again if they went back to square one!

Our goal is not only to motivate you with insights into how these successful investors got started, but also to give you real life guidance and tactics so that you too can achieve huge success from investing in property.

Check out our first ever episode to find out more about me and the podcast:

What Else Do We Have Going On?


As well as searching the world for the most exciting property professionals (you can let me know here if you think someone deserves to be featured), we keep ourselves busy in a number of other ways as well.

Mastermind Groups

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Free Content

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Our Investments

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Mastermind Groups

The support of other people has been critical to my own property success, and whilst you can get support and education on everything from a one-to-one basis right up to sitting in a conference room full of thousands of other attendees, I’ve found the best balance for me is in small, regular, focussed mastermind sessions with people I respect and admire.

That’s why I started a couple of  mastermind groups for fellow property investors which we all love being a part of.  You can find out more about how our groups work, how you can set up your own, and how you can join one of mine on our Mastermind Page.

Content Creation

Creating free content can become a bit of an addiction. As if a regular podcast show wasn’t enough, I like to create free valuable content on all elements of property investing and our guests’ own property journeys.  Whether it’s video, templates, guides or e-books, you can find out about all of our free content at the following places:

Our Free Property Investing Tool Kit – Find Out More

Our Free Videos – Watch & Subscribe on YouTube

Property Investing & Development

Whilst I’d say I’ve still got a huge amount to learn when it comes to property investing, we’ve been completing renovation projects for 10 years and are constantly pushing ourselves to complete a higher quantity of bigger projects.

Our First Ever Property Investment
Our First Ever Property Investment

We started out with property flipping (buying, renovating, and selling on), primarily of single family homes, before moving into the single family buy to let market, high-yielding HMOs, and converting commercial property into residential.

We invest with our own money as well as working with other investors who have the money but not the time to be hands on, and love meeting new contacts who might want to get involved.

Every month, we release a bonus podcast episode that keeps our audience up to date with the day-to-day trials and tribulations that we’ve faced in our own property journey over the past few weeks.

If you’re interested in working with us on future projects, get in touch via our contact page and we can have a chat about any available opportunities.


How Did I End Up In The Property Industry?


For as long as I can remember, property has been my passion, going as far back as my (apparent) first living memory, being carried across the building site of my first real home as a baby.  I say apparent as my parents continue to dispute this, based on me being only a few weeks old at the time.  Nevertheless, from that point on I was hooked.

My adolescence (at least the part I wish to share) was spent watching Kevin McCloud & Sarah Beeny showing me the profits to be made from constructing, renovating and redeveloping residential property.  I found a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad when I was around 16, and it tied the whole process together.

My Early Property Education
My Early Property Education

My first job was stacking shelves in the produce section of a supermarket during my last years in school.  I was ‘lucky’ enough to have helped my dad on the side with a couple of residential property flips, which taught me some great lessons about sweeping floors and stripping wallpaper!  I knew I needed to get my own property if I ever wanted to be the one swinging the hammer!

In 2006, when I turned 18, I bought my first property for £60,000 with a 95% mortgage.  The lofty deposit of £3,000 came from savings from the supermarket, and with that I was off the starting blocks!  The flat needed a new kitchen, tiling in the bathroom and some new carpets, but beyond that it was in pretty good condition.

I decided to rent it out whilst I went off to discover myself at university (via one semester of a law degree in Glasgow, and business school in Lancaster, UK, and Vancouver, Canada), and graduated to find I’d made £10,000 as well as having had some beer money for the previous years.

I moved to Newcastle for a graduate position as an IT Project Manager with Procter & Gamble, and bought a 3 bedroom flat that needed completely renovated.  After the works, I moved in two of my friends to the spare rooms and without realising it, had ended up with my first HMO.  The rental income covered the mortgage and bills, and I was living for free.

Everything was going well until a girl came into my life.  Knowing a house share wasn’t going to impress Victoria, I managed to buy the 2 bedroom flat downstairs, and again got started renovating it – I even managed to rope her in to helping out.  By the time the work was done, she’d reached the end of her lease and decided to move in to our new home together.

Since then, we’ve flipped a number of properties throughout the North of England and have relocated to Manchester to grow all aspects of our property business – our flips, our letting agency, and our buy to let portfolio.

It was this journey that got me passionate not just about property, but about helping other people with their own property journeys.

Now you know all about me, I’d love to connect and hear your story.  Reach out to me via our website contact page, on Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter.