Inside Property Investing was started by us, Mike & Victoria Stenhouse, to document how we were able to create the life of our dreams from our property portfolio. 

We now want to help you navigate the UK property investment world – setting the right goals, understanding the different investment strategies, and building a portfolio to help you achieve financial freedom!  

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One things we’re passionate about (you might have already realised this by now) is getting our hands dirty with our own projects to practice what we preach and keep our own knowledge up to date. 

The other is sharing both the ups and the downs of these projects so that you can learn from what has gone well, avoid what goes wrong, and take inspiration and ideas from our strategies, interior designs, and business model.

Instagram is our outlet for regular updates on each of our projects so if you want to keep up to date with us on a more regular basis, this is the place to follow us!