12 Property Investors to Follow on Instagram

With a growing number of our property investor / developer friends showing up on Instagram, I thought it was time to do a roundup of who’s worth following in the property world.

It’s still pretty early days for the property investor community on this platform, with a lot of people either struggling to build an audience or spending too much time posting selfies and food pics to be of much interest to our niche.

But some of our friends (and a few strangers) are absolutely nailing it with their Instagram profile, so if you’ve just joined and want to add some great content to your feed then you need to pay attention to our list of property investor influencers to follow.

More and more, Victoria and I are turning to Instagram before any other app when we need some design inspiration, an update on what projects other people are working on, or some good old fashioned inspiration to get us back into the grind. So this list pulls together a mix of different content styles to give you a bit of everything property related.

And whether you’re new to Instagram or have been on it for a while, head over to our profile (@InsidePropertyInvesting) and say hello so we can keep up to date with what you’re working on as well (and maybe even add you to this list).


I really struggled to decide whether to start this list with East Eight or Nicole Bremner‘s personal profile, but sticking to the brief I had to settle on her property development company profile with it’s greater focus on the property world.

I’d suggest both are worth following though, not just for inspiration from East Eight’s multi-million pound luxury property deals, but also to watch and learn from one of the best in the industry about how to build a remarkable property business and how to use social media to raise awareness, raise finance, and grow a brand.east eight instagram

Follow @e8_developments and @nsbremner.

@stephen.roebuck | @property_apprentice | @developingproperty

Next up are three guys not afraid to get their hands dirty who are changing their lives with property investment.

Starting with the eldest, Stephen (@stephen.roebuck) is a Yorkshire based investor and agent in his early 30s who added 3 more houses to his portfolio last year, and this year is branching out into HMOs. His feed is full of his own projects at various stages of completion, tracking the progress from strip out right through the renovation process.

stephen roebuck instagram

Craig (@property_apprentice) is a few years younger and initially used his Instagram feed to document his attempt to buy 10 properties before he turned 30.  I was delighted to see him succeed, securing his 11th just before the big day, and as well as pictures from his various projects, he also brings a hilarious start to every day with his early morning Insta-stories. If you need some positive energy in your life, Craig is worth following.

craig sullivan instagram property

And finally there’s Ross (@developingproperty) who has just finished renovating his second project at only 24 years old. His feed is full of some great progress shots, as well as a real life insight into the ups and downs of property investing – budget breakdowns, pushy vendors, and incompetent mortgage lenders!

ross property developer instagram

Whilst these 3 are all totally independent of each other, it’s great to see the progress made and struggles faced by investors at different stages of their journey.

Follow @stephen.roebuck, @property_apprentice and @developingproperty.


Another leading lady in the property world, Karolina (@karolina_ademchic) is busy inspiring a new generation of investors with her stunning interior design schemes, and a look at how she’s transitioning from corporate banking into growing her property portfolio and her interior styling business.

karolina interior design instagram

Follow @karolina_ademchic


If you’re as obsessed with grey interiors as we are, then you need to check out @athomewithgem. Gemma is a great friend of ours, and also has an amazing talent for running property projects and making them look phenomenal.

Her and husband-to-be Doug started off flipping their own homes to work up the property ladder, before growing an impressive HMO portfolio allowing Gemma to leave work. As well as sharing inspiring pictures of their own home and other great interiors, Gem has a weekly vlog documenting the massive development of their current house.

athomewithgem instagram

Follow @athomewithgem


You may be starting to realise that a big part of Instagram’s appeal is to find inspiration from other projects, and in my opinion nobody has as well curated a feed at Luke Spikes (@higgihaus). He has truly awesome plans to deliver 1,000 boutique rooms across his HMO and Serviced Accommodation portfolio by 2025, but whilst he showcases some of these projects across his Instagram profile, the majority of his content is a carefully selected collection of beautiful interior design photographs.

higgi haus property instagram

Follow @higgihaus


Brad Pattni (@banyan_pg) is the founder of Banyan Property Group, an investment and development company operating across the midlands. His feed provides a real insight into what it’s like delivering some seriously impressive projects as he documents the process from start to finish, including the conversion of a stunning historic building into 18 luxury apartments.

banyan instagram property page

Follow @banyan_pg


Switching back to a more business focussed feed, Paul Taylor (@yieldproperty) shares regular motivational content as well as a look at how he juggles several successful businesses alongside spending time with his family. From a property point of view, I love Paul’s approach of appraising each potential project to understand the best way to maximise value, rather than limiting himself by focussing on a specific strategy.

paul taylor property instagram

Follow @yieldproperty


As the only non-investor on the list, you know these guys have to be good in order to be included. Set up by Tim Horsfall, Home Exposure (@homeexposure) are a super talented property photography company and their feed is a selection of some of the best property photography I’ve come across. Real homes, simply presented – it’s a superb example of how we should all be aiming to market our property projects!

home exposure property photography instagram

Follow @homeexposure

That wraps up our list… for now! Let me know who you think is worth following and where you get your property inspiration from so we can keep this list up to date, and remember to check out our own Instagram page for a mix of our own projects and other inspiring property content.

inside property investing instagram

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