These are the hottest interior trends of 2019 as picked by designers



2019 interior trends

In 2018 we were still riding the last waves of scandi-inspired decor’s revival and muted palettes reigned supreme. In 2019, it’s time to wave goodbye to that for one last time. This year is all about being bold, but in a sustainable way. Dulux’s colour of the year is Spiced Honey, sharp and uplifting but at the same time resonating natural, woody hues. Meanwhile Patone’s colour of the year is Living Coral, bright and bursting with life.

We asked six people from the world of design to let us in on their predictions about the 2019 interior trends we’ll be seeing in our homes this year.

Neutrals and nature

Suzanne Hagan, iStitch

2019 interior trends

“Interiors have been predominantly grey for the last few years and this has been the chosen colour palette for many of my clients too. 

“Over the last few months I’ve seen a leaning towards more taupe, neutral shades with perhaps a pop of colour in cushions and rugs.

“I’ve seen lots of natural elements creeping in too. I think living our lives at 100 mph makes us want to switch off when we get home! Filling our homes with beautiful plants and foliage paired with neutral tones helps to create a calm sanctuary for us to recharge at the end of the day, ready to do it all again tomorrow!”


Curves, joyful spaces, sustainable design and bold spaces”

Peter Grech,The SpaceMaker Interior Design


2019 interior trends

“A step away from straight lines in an effort to create smooth flowing surfaces and softened edges within space. The key is to create a space that has a fluid and natural feel, avoiding excessively harsh lines. Soft curved lines and shapes are more soothing to the eye and help relax the mind.

“When we look at a straight line, we naturally look for end points. In a curved object or space there is no end point, only a continuous organic shape. It reminds us of the contours of relaxing landscapes, or the shapes created by our own bodies. There are no perfectly straight lines in nature, so why not reintroduce some natural feeling back into our homes?”

 Joyful spaces

2019 interior trends

“In recent years people have become more attuned to mindfulness. Part of this has been about people becoming aware of how spaces make them feel. Whether we want to be stimulated or calmed, immersed or elevated, the design of a space has a strong power to evoke these feelings within us. 

“Creating joyful spaces for living and working is going to be a big focus for 2019. People are no longer satisfied working in fluorescent boxy cubicles. People want spaces they spend time in to evoke something within them and represent what they feel connected to. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, creating a joyful space should always be a priority. Surrounding yourself with colours, shapes and items that make you smile will automatically make the space a joyful one.”

Sustainable design

2019 interior trends

“As a society we’re finally becoming in tune with our responsibility to the natural world and this is reflected in our interiors where we’re choosing brands and products which we know are made using sustainable and recycled materials. Bamboo toothbrushes are replacing plastic ones. Terrazzo is being made using recycled materials. In 2019, we’ll see more eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp and bamboo, low CO2 concrete, green roofs and carbon neutral buildings.”

Bold colours

2019 interior trends

“People are bored of the old neutrals and want to spice things up a bit. They want to express themselves and their personality though their homes. This year we will see more people using bolder and brighter colours in their spaces. Nothing says “hello!” with a bigger smile than a bright colour used as an accent in a hallway or living space. A favourite of mine is Lazuli from Zoffany – a gorgeous Mediterranean blue. 
“Once you go bold, there’s no going back to bland.”

Mixed wood tones 

Jane Fitch, Jane Fitch Interiors 

2019 interior trends
Photo: Em Henderson

“With the demise of skandi and mid-century modern on the horizon after their resurgence in the last few years, in 2019 we will see furniture trends moving towards hybrid styles, with a hint of bohemia. At the forefront of these blends will be the mixing of wood tones, as well as metals. Think carefree, relaxed and unusual. Whilst we won’t be seeing a revival of shabby chic, people are no longer afraid about furniture from different eras siting alongside each other. Having a single style or theme is for the past.”


“Swanky vanity and antique brass”

Craig Johnson, Corby Craig Residence

Swanky vanity

Swanky vanity bathroom
Photo: @debbies_house
“Say goodbye to the standard bathroom sink and make way for swanky vanity – sweeping across bathrooms, en-suites and WCs in 2019.
From contemporary to traditional, slimline to grand-size, you can find a vanity unit to fit pretty much any taste and space. 
This bathroom makeover by Debbie from @debbies_house epitomises everything about how swanky vanity should be in 2019: grand, stylish and utilitarian. Not just easy on the eye, a vanity unit is also the answer to all your toiletry storage dreams.”

Antique Brass

interior trends 2019
Photo: @CorbyCraigResidence
“Providing a versatile finish that you can pair with many colour palettes, antique brass is the comeback kid of 2019 interiors.
Chrome-finishes might remain the safest option for many, but it can’t match the understated class and warmth of antique brass.
Antique brass can be used in pretty much any room of the house, on: taps, lamps, door handles, ornaments, mirrors… the list goes on. In my home office, antique brass lighting brings softness into the room.
Debbie, @debbies_house, uses it to add splendour to what otherwise would be a simple  bathroom. Antique brass adds understated grandeur to any room.

Caramel shades 

Julia Eldon, Suburban Salon Interiors 

2019 interior trends
Caramel Mongolian Sheepskin Bench, £299 Photo: Julia Eldon 

“In my own business, I’m noticing a move towards extremely warm, caramel even autumnal shades. Grey has dominated on the neutral palette front for a number of years but this is eventually changing. I’m seeing a move towards sandy shades such as hemp, oatmeal and earthy jute. You can see this shift in Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2019, Spiced Honey, which has woody, sandy and amber tones.”



Paloma Harrington, Home Staging Association UK

2019 interior trends

“As we become more aware of how our daily lives impact the environment, this year will see us turning our attention to implementing environmentally friendly materials into our projects.

“Across the industry we’re seeing the use of natural materials like wood, sustainable fabrics, animal-free leather and pieces that are entirely recycled or up-cycled.

“People are becoming increasingly interested in knowing where a piece was produced and by whom, so sustainable and ethical sourcing are not to be ignored by brands who wish to stay ahead.”

Paloma Harrington-Griffin is the Founder & Director of the Home Staging Association UK.


Karolina Adamczyk, Ademchic

the 70s

2019 interior trends

“According to House Beautiful, 38% of England voted the 70s the most offensive period of interior design. Do not fear: flying duck wall displays are not making a comeback!

“This new 70s chic revival revolves around warm palettes, funky textures, and abstract silhouettes. Colours and shades like tan, olive oil and ochre are being championed and paired with natural materials. Earth tones like sand are replacing grey palettes.”


2019 interior trends

“A trend we haven’t seen in years. It’s so easy to get lost in chaos with the richness, layering and patterns that are needed to achieve the boho-chic look.

“But unlike previous incarnations, modern-day boho-chic is restrained, elegant and clean. It requires thoughtfulness in colour combinations and arrangement. Think unique patterns, an abundance of greenery, mixed materials on a simple base.”

Art Deco

2019 interior trends

“It’s official: mid-century modern has lost its reign to new Art Deco. Designers are drifting away from the traditional minimalist look and adding more textures and colours into their space.

“Art Deco is the epitome of luxe, embracing metals, bold colours and geometric design. Gold and brass have been trending for years, but it’s the emergence of new rich jewel tones and velvet furniture that make Art Deco the revival of 2019.” 


Gem Beeston, At Home with Gem

2019 interior trends

“Velvet has been slowly creeping its way back into our homes throughout 2018, but this year I think it’s going to really take over. We’re talking upholstered sofas, beds, soft furnishings and even lighting!

“Using velvet is not only a chance for us to create the look of luxury, but also the feel of luxury. It’s one of the most versatile fabrics we can use in our homes, suiting bold statement pieces as much as softer colour palettes.

“It’s durable, chic, pleasing to touch and just exudes style and comfort. I for one know that velvet will be making a big appearance in our interiors in 2019!”

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