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286: A property business built on diverse income streams with Andy Graham




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Today we are joined by Andy Graham, director of Smart Property. You may remember him from one of our very first episodes way back in 2015, and now he is back to talk about his growth over the years, managing a portfolio of over 100 HMOs, the importance of having a cash flowing business, and the opportunities he sees in Rent 2 Rent.

3:40 Andy shares his story of getting started

5:05 One property was close to replacing his professional salary

8:44 A look Smart Property now, what they focus on and where they are at now as a business.

10:30 The importance of diverse income streams

12:10 Don’t be overwhelmed if you are just starting out

12:35 An introduction to CrowdCube- investing in the business vs a specific property

18:04 The biggest advantages of having a separate arm to his business vs just a standard portfolio

20:55 Sharing the size of where Smart Property sits now- over 100 properties

25:30 Should you self manage your properties or hand them over to an agent?

29:47 An overview of the team and their roles

33:38 Being selective about the properties they take on

38:00 The future of Smart Property

44:00 The big purpose built blocks vs smaller HMOs

46:18 Using social media for business- has facebook had its day?

50:06 The potential of single lets- Mike & Andy discuss their thoughts on if single lets are the way forward

56:36 Strategy as an area instead of a type of property

58:48 Want to work with Smart Property? An overview of what they offer

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