326: 4 ways to grow your property portfolio



Today I’m going to be talking about portfolio growth – how you can get from where you are at the moment, to where you want to be. Specifically, I’m thinking about the options available to you if you’ve already started investing – you’ve done a couple of deals, or maybe a lot of deals, rather than those of you who are just thinking about getting started.

But even if that is you – where property is something you want to get involved with but you haven’t jumped in yet – it’s still worth paying attention to this because what I’m going to outline in this episode will become relevant to you soon, and being aware of what lies ahead will be extremely valuable.

Listen to this episode below:

Here’s a sneak peek at what we discussed this time:

[01.58] The two major hurdles we often see with new property investors.

“They’re trying to build up the courage and conviction it takes to get started.”

[05.37] The three resources you need to become a successful investor.

[06.16] One. Knowledge, and why it will continue to grow with every project completed and mistake made.

“Knowledge is a by-product of progress.”

[06.55] Two. Time, and why the amount of spare time you have grows as your experience does.

[10.12] Three. Capital, the one resource that often goes down as you progress, as knowledge and time go up; and the resource we’re focusing on today.

[12.15] Approach 1: ‘spend your money and then stop.’

[14.46] Approach 2: ‘save between projects.’

“It feels like a very organic and natural way to build a portfolio.”

[19.45] Approach 3: ‘flip one, keep one.’

[25.08] Approach 4: ‘investor finance.’

“Private finance can fund 100% of your project costs, unlike a mortgage or bridging companies.”

[31.48] A re-cap on the four core investment approaches.

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