329: So what did we actually achieve in 2020?




Today we thought we’d start the year off with a review of what was probably the most interest year we’ve operated through as full time property investors. 

I imagine by now you’re thoroughly fed up of predictions about the future of the market or top tips on how to survive a pandemic with the benefit of hindsight. You know by now that’s not really our style, so this is just a warts and all review of our last 12 months, sharing some of the major numbers we achieved and how these compared to the goals we set at the start of the year, some of the more specific details about what went on in our business each month, and some of the biggest lessons we learnt that have help us set our direction for the years ahead.

It’s a pretty packed episode and I’m delighted to be joined as usual by my partner in crime, so whether you’re interested in the property world or just hearing me take some mild verbal abuse from my darling wife, this episode has it all.

Listen to this episode below:

Here’s a sneak peek at what we discussed this time:

Our Year in Numbers:

  • Podcast Episodes Released – 33
  • Podcast Downloads – Over 500,000
  • Properties Purchased – 2
  • Units added to the Portfolio – 17
  • Increase in Monthly Income – £3,000
  • Pipeline for 2021 – 11 units

Biggest Wins & Lessons Learnt:

  • Employing our new property manager started our thought process on the future of our team and more broadly our business
  • The Covid pandemic taught us a tough lesson in diversifying our income
  • We re-discovered the value of private investor finance and helped other investors achieve huge success raising funds for their own projects
  • Another summer on the boat confirmed our ability and desire to operate a property business remotely whilst still growing a portfolio
  • And we changed the way we think about growing our business, by focussing first on getting our environment right, and then scaling up

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