360 Property Tours – The Future of Marketing?

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The way we market property is constantly changing rapidly. Whether our message is intended to reach buyers, tenants, short term guests or even potential investors, there is an ever increasing number of ways to present our projects to the public.

I’m not just talking about the platforms we use like Rightmove, AirBnB, or social media, but the actual format of the marketing as well. The days of newspaper adverts seem to be fading, and in its place are wildly more engaging options like video tours, photo-realistic CGI, and even augmented reality.

You’ll likely remember Ben & Tom from their interviews as part of our 2017 goals series, so you’ll probably remember that as well as a successful property investment business they’re all passionate digital marketers and are big advocates for using technology to simplify or improve their work.

hmo open plan living space design
The open plan living space in their latest development

They recently finished a beautiful 6 bedroom HMO conversion in South Manchester and decided to try a new approach with their property marketing, by creating a 360 tour of the entire building.

Ben said of the process, “It was a mission, but well worth the effort. As well as giving something different to prospective tenants, one of our main motivations was to showcase the project and attract potential investors”.

The tour was created using a Theta 360 Camera, which start from only £199, and then stitched together using a separate online service.

360 image stitching process
The process of stitching the individual images together was time consuming

Whilst the process was quite laborious, the end results are phenomenal and I can see these being used with great effect in many different scenarios. If you’re promoting your project to the public, then giving them the opportunity to ‘walk’ around before viewing (or booking in the case of Serviced Apartments) will better pre-qualify potential clients and should massively increase your conversion rates.

These tours will certainly help your property stand out in a crowded market, at least until they become the norm much like floor plans have become over the past few years.

They will also be superb for investors and project managers/JV partners to better communicate as well, allowing real progress to be shown visually rather than having to convey and interpret material changes in a written or verbal format.

I can imagine the confidence it would give to some of our investors based further afield to be able to watch the project progress on a regular basis.

hmo double bedroom built in wardrobe
A double bedroom complete with built in wardrobes makes clever use of the unusual shape of the building

And given the relatively low entry price for the camera, I don’t think it’ll be long before we start seeing these become more prominent across all industries from new build apartments, to HMOs and Serviced Apartments.

The more detail we can share up front, the better qualified everybody will be and the better success our marketing results will have.

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