367: Our (22 unit) project pipeline for the next 12 months




As we transition back to the UK for winter, back into our winter schedule, and back into a regular podcast calendar, I thought it was long overdue to provide an update on our own projects.   

There are a few specific aspects I want to call out on certain projects in more detail, like how we saved almost £40,000 with our approach to a planning application on IPI Carrwood; and why we’ve been forced to go from plan A to plan C on IPI Washway, so I’ll do that in upcoming episodes, but for today I just want to bring you up to speed on exactly what we’re working on right now and how we see these projects progressing over the coming months. 

Hopefully there’ll be at least a couple of insights that are relevant to what you’re working on right now as well, so let’s get started. 

What we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Our current project pipeline
    • IPI Washway – office conversion in Trafford into 3 apartments
    • IPI Carrwood – conversion of 1970s office building into 9 apartments
    • IPI Florist – conversion of office into 2 houses, and construction of 2 new houses
    • IPI Car Park – new build site with 5 apartments and ground floor retail space

  • Catch up with the details of all 4 projects in today’s episode

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