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285: 5 pieces of property investment advice you need to hear




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Todays podcast is a little different to normal, and we welcome four property investors, all at different stages of their careers, but all with invaluable advice to share. It comes off the back of our most recent Instagram challenge #7daysofproperty, something we have run a few times now, but without doubt the most successful of which was a couple of weeks.


One of the specific challenges was to share a piece of advice, and as I was scrolling through the days posts, some of them really stood out to me and I selected a few people and asked them to elaborate a bit more.


We pulled the advice together into a video (and a podcast) and that’s what we are sharing today. It’s a relatively short episode, but hopefully you will all get something valuable from it.


1:56 Roland talks about the value of time, and how he believes that investing on your doorstep is worth considering even if it doesn’t make sense at first glance.

10:25 Ben Thorns from Living Smart talks about why you should consider taking a different room home from the pub on Saturday night, and how having this approach has led to some of his best deals.

14:42 Anthony Hunter shares his opinion on why the number of properties you have is completely irrelevant and that you shouldn’t compare yourselves to others.

21:09 Jade Bailey talks about the value of sharing and telling everyone what you are up to.

25: 48 Mike wraps up by sharing our own piece of advice from the challenge. Done beats perfect. Pretty self explanatory but something people regularly forget.


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Anthony Hunter @anthonyhunterproperty
Jade Bailey @___beespace

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