Meet the couple behind Inside Property Investing

Mike and Victoria first met in 2010 when they both secured a place on the P&G Graduate Scheme in Newcastle Upon Tyne. With two good salaries and a very low cost of living (thanks North East!) they started renovating properties in their evenings and weekends using any spare cash they had.  After a couple of years (and splashing most of the profit on holidays – a theme continued to this day) they realised this property thing had serious potential and in 2013 Mike jumped ship from the corporate world to go full time into the property industry, joining Victoria’s father’s letting agency.

For twelve months the pair lived in different cities, and it was during this time that Mike turned to podcasts to entertain himself on the long drives home from Manchester. He noticed there was a real lack of good property related podcasts, and that those in the property industry with a story to tell were instead travelling for hours to speak at local networking events.

Mike and Victoria recording a podcast

Mike decided to fill this gap, and in February 2015 “Inside Property Investing” was launched and immediately started to gain traction, jumping into the iTunes top 10 for Investing and staying there ever since.  Now with well over 200 episodes of the podcast under their belt, the IPI Brand has expanded to become an all inclusive media platform featuring written content, videos and online courses.

It was about the same time that Mike & Victoria turned their attention from flipping houses to HMOs, with a primary focus on replacing Victoria’s income and allowing her to leave work as well. Progressing from the traditional “mid-terrace HMO” they quickly found their niche in commercial conversions and in 2017 they achieved their income target and Victoria was able to leave the corporate world and join the team full time.

Mike and Victoria Stenhouse

Nowadays, Victoria & Mike continue to grow their own portfolio, continuing with HMOs, commercial to residential conversions and more recently expanding to new builds, alongside helping others to do the same through Online Courses, their Mastermind Groups and all the free content they continue to release each week.

Looking forward, they have set themselves a new target to become entirely location free, and in 2019 have aspirations to sail off into the sunset aboard a sailing yacht with their dog Douglas.

Listen to our story on the podcast here:

Watch our video reflecting on our first year working together full time:

Our Podcast

Mike is the host of the Inside Property Investing podcast – a regular show going behind the scenes with the most inspiring UK property investors and property service providers.

Inside Property Investing was started by a passion to share the stories, successes, failures and lessons of successful property professionals with a growing audience of people looking at property as a way to secure their own financial freedom, or simply move on up the property ladder.

During each interview we delve into the details of how each guest got started in investing, their biggest successes & difficulties, and what property investing strategies they're currently focussing on, as well as them sharing advice and guidance on their secrets to success, their favourite property related resources, and how they would get started again if they went back to square one!

Our goal is not only to motivate you with insights into how these successful investors got started, but also to give you real life guidance and tactics so that you too can achieve huge success from investing in property. 

Our Projects

Whilst we've still got a huge amount to learn when it comes to property investing, we've been completing renovation projects for over 10 years now and are constantly pushing ourselves to complete a higher quantity of bigger projects.

We started out with property flipping (buying, renovating, and selling on), primarily of single family homes, before moving into the single family buy to let market, high-yielding HMOs, and converting commercial property into residential.

We invest with our own money as well as working with other investors who have the money but not the time to be hands on, and love meeting new contacts who might want to get involved.

Every month, we release a bonus podcast episode that keeps our audience up to date with the day-to-day trials and tribulations that we've faced in our own property journey over the past few weeks.

If you're interested in working with us on future projects, get in touch via our contact page and we can have a chat about any available opportunities

How we can help you

As well as the abundance of free podcasts, videos and articles we create, we're both pretty active on our favourite social media channels. Catch up with us and our projects on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and be sure to say hello! 

We can also help with your own investing, if that's what you're looking for.

Whether you're looking for great value courses to get you started with a particular area of investing, want more in-depth support from one of our Mastermind Groups, or are looking to invest your funds in a hands-off way, we've got something to offer you.  

You can find out about all of our educational content here, or check out our resources page for free tools and information on some of our favourite contacts and events in the property world.