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113: Alex Seery has generated over £54,000 of annual property income in less than 11 months!



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Alexander Seery HomesAlexander is a 25 year old property investor and entrepreneur from Nottingham who has been in property for only 11 months!

He has gained extensive knowledge from the Property Investors Network Mastermind Programme and by doing so is on track to gaining financial independence from a cashflow of over £60,000 once all of his current projects have been completed.

He currently still works for Nottinghamshire Police Force but will be looking to leave in late 2016 to pursue his property career full time as well as other business ventures.

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Investing Strategies

Alex is growing his monthly income by focussing on HMOs. These are 5, 6 and 7 bedroom properties let out on a room by room basis in his target area of Nottingham. He is growing his portfolio by both working with joint venture partners to purchase the properties, as well as doing a number of ‘rent to rent’ deals.

Biggest Success

Alex is particularly proud of the relationship he’s built with his joint venture partner. They’re now working on their 3rd HMO together, which is surely a sign of both parties feeling like they are in a win-win relationship.

Alex feels a lot of the reason for his JV partner trusting in him, despite his lack of prior property experience, is down to the fact that Alex invested in his own education.

Biggest Difficulty

One difficulty Alex faced when getting started was building up his network of contacts without a background in the industry. Thankfully, he was able to call on recommendations from friends and family (a great way to begin building your own power team), but one tradesman didn’t perform as hoped (the only one who wasn’t recommended by someone Alex trusted!).

Things started off OK, but gradually the joiner’s motivation dropped, relationships worsened between him and Alex, as well as the other trades on site, and he ultimately walked off the job.

Looking back, Alex believes the route of the problem stemmed from the joiner taking on too much work and under-pricing the job, so rather than deliver the work it was easier for him to simply walk away.

During the interview, Alex goes into detail about how he overcame this difficulty and has gone on to have much better working relationships with his trades team.

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Alex Seery’s Links & Resources

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Email Alex Seery – Got a question or looking for some advice? Get in touch with Alex here.

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