064: Andy Gwynn is a relatively standard property investor, but an absolute top performer when it comes to using Linkedin to expand his business



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Andy Gwynn LinkedinAndy is most prominently known as the most sought after Linkedin Trainer in the UK, helping hundreds of businesses generate more sales through the use of Linkedin. He has trained with and spoken alongside some of the best business and personal development coaches around the world.

Not only that, he is a passionate and successful property investor, and has plenty of helpful tips on using social media and specifically Linkedin to generate leads from motivated sellers, find joint venture partners, and a solve a whole host of other property related problems.

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Investing Strategies

Having not bought a property for 7.5 years, Andy started to wonder about why he hadn’t been taking action.

In fairness he’s been very busy (and successful) with his Linkedin training business – so much so that it’s generating large chunks of cash and he believes it’s time to start investing this in property again.

He believes success lies in multi-lets/HMOs and plans to acquire a a couple every year for the next 3-4 years so that he’s in a position to retire financially when he hits 50.

Biggest Success

Andy had been living in converted stables on someone’s farm that he’d been trying to sell for the last 20 months (so he can spend more time in Spain). Because of how unique it was, they were struggling to find a buyer so Andy started mentioning it as he was presenting at PIN meetings across the country – he was willing to take a lease option, rent-to-buy or any other creative deal as he didn’t need the equity.

He was approached by someone who said they could sell it, and sure enough within a few months he had a tenant buyer lined up who paid a £15,000 deposit in advance and rent it off him for £2,100 a month (£1,100 towards the mortgage and a further £1,000 to build up a deposit for when they eventually buy it in the future).

It really proved to Andy that if you ask for what you want, you’ll usually get it. Had he not told people he was struggling to sell his house, it would most likely still be on the market with a conventional agent who didn’t understand how to find a buyer.

Biggest Difficulty

Just before the recession hit hardest in 2008, Andy was buying what he believed to be a BMV deal from a distressed vendor with the intention of selling it straight on, but literally as he completed on the deal, the availability of ‘back-to-back’ mortgages stopped and the whole market crashed.

He didn’t want to rent it, but at the same time he couldn’t sell it. To make matters worse, he’d bought it using JV finance and the investor obviously wanted a return on his money (but thankfully wasn’t desperate for the capital).

It was costing him £900 a month on the mortgage alone, so not a great situation to be in!

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement – Tony Robbins

Andy Gwynn’s Links & Resources

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3DegreesSocial.co.uk – Find out more about Andy’s LinkedIn business opportunity and download his guide to creating the most effective LinkedIn profile

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