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302: Anthony Hunter is keeping it simple with single lets, and achieving phenomenal results




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Here’s a sneak peek at what discussed this time:

3.44: Been investing properly for five years now, prior to that was a cricketer.

8:11 Bought first house using credit cards and bank loans

9:00 First project was a simple Buy to Let bought for 60k, full of wood chip, and a 9k refurb (plus lots of man hours!)

13:38 Talking through the challenges/opportunities of starting young

15:37 An overview of the current business: Buy to Let Cookie Cutter Investors. Buying property for between 50-60k.

20:31 Sharing their best deal – 57k purchase, end value 148k because “structural” problems put everyone else off

24:12 Talking about sourcing

27:14 Pros and cons of the cookie cutter technique

29:00 Working with investors

36:10 Don’t let emotion rule your buying decisions- a lesson shared

39:00 Sharing the sourcing side of the business

42:20 Future plans for the portfolio. Buying 6-10 BTL a year plus a couple of flips and a commercial to rest development.


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