112: Goals Part 3: Anthony Hubbard is our final guest taking part in our three part goal tracking series. Follow his property journey throughout 2016, starting with this introduction to his goals for the year.

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Anthony HubbardThis is the 3rd and final interview in our series where we’re following a small group of investors throughout the year to see how they progress towards achieving their property goals. Our first in the series was with husband and wife team Lloyd and Marta Smith, followed by Dane Sampson last week, and today I’m thrilled to be talking with Anthony Hubbard.

Anthony has been involved in his family’s civil engineering and ground works company, Overhall Contractors, for around 15 years. He’s always had a passion for property stemming from his childhood, but it wasn’t until 2015 that he decided to take his passion and knowledge to the next step.

With help and insight from achieving his athletic goals, he has made the move into property investing and development, and whilst very early in his own property journey, I am confident he will be a great one to watch over the coming 12 months.

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Goals for 2016

From a personal perspective, Anthony has a small family that he hopes to grow as well as a passion for sustainable living. Within 3 years he hopes to build him and his family a new home (at a cost of around £400,000) as well as being financially free.

He broke that down further by working through our financial goal setting guide and came up with a monthly income figure of £8,000 to be financially free.

In order to be where he wants to be 3 years from now, he needs to build his cash pot by £134,000 each year and start building his monthly (semi-)passive income as well.

Investing Strategy

In order to achieve these goals, Anthony’s main focus is going to be on finding larger development deals (around 70% of his time) with a further 20% spent on small flips and 10% looking for BMV buy to let properties.

Biggest Success (& Difficulty)

As with many of our guests, Ant’s biggest success is tied very closely to his biggest difficulty!

Last year Anthony took on a renovation project based mainly on the fact there was a suitable size plot in the garden for putting up another house. His thought process was renovate the house, cover his costs with that, and make his profit through getting planning permission to build on the plot.

Unfortunately, the planning wasn’t approved in the 12 weeks he’d hoped for. 13 months later he’s still waiting on a decision and has also subsequently moved into the house he renovated, however based on current market values he’s set to make a £40,000 profit on the renovation alone.

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