Goals Part 3: Anthony Hubbard returns for his final interview in the goals series. He’s made massive progress towards his 3 year financial freedom goal, and overcome a few bumps along the way!

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Anthony Hubbard

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Property Goals at the Start of 2016

Anthony started the year with a 3 year plan where he wanted to get to £8,000 per month. To achieve that he calculated he needed to earn around £140,000 this year, and he was also passionate about securing a building plot to build his own family home.

Results Achieved

On paper things are looking good for Anthony at the end of the year, as one of his new build developments is coming towards completion and should give him a profit approaching £100,000. He’s also secured land under an option agreement which is going through planning and should result in a planning gain of a further £100,000 (although his plan is to develop it out himself resulting in an even larger profit down the line).

Contributors to Their Success

Anthony learned a huge amount from his first deal regarding planning permission as it took him 13 months to secure it initially. He put those lessons to good use with his second project ensuring he had covered all bases up front before submitting the application, which should (in theory) result in a much quicker and easier application process.

Looking Ahead

The plan for 2017 is to build out the barn development on the land he has submitted planning for. He’s also agreed another option agreement on 2 further barns and a 5 year option on a piece of land which could have 5 new houses but lies out with the town development boundary.

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