291: Are shipping containers the future of construction? Jane Scroggs shares her experiences




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The real focus of today’s episode is on Jane’s podville developments – serviced offices created from shipping containers.

With one development up and running in Bristol, another in progress in Milton Keynes, and more in the pipeline, we look at the pros and cons of this alternative construction method, as well as looking more generally at Jane’s fascinating career history in the property world and her top tips for raising finance.

4:20 An overview of Jane’s background and career so far

8:30 The value of the importance of communication- you need to communicate with your investors, not just through the good times, but also the bad.

12:03 Jane’s first investment – a one bedroom flat with damp

16:15 Crowdfunding- Raising over 6 million pounds across 5 projects in 2 years.

18:20 Tips for attracting investors and the important things to consider when working with Investors

24:22 When looking for Investors- take a closer look at your immediate network. Anyone could be an investor.

28:54 Moving on to discuss “Podville”- serviced offices created from shipping containers. An overview of the project.

32:45 The planning process for the project- surprisingly easy!

38:12 Why shipping containers??

41:20 The construction process for the build & learning on the job.

45:58 The challenges of refinancing containers

46:40 What happens next for Podville- Milton Keynes Project

48:52 The ultimate vision for Podville- 100 units

53:28 Talking about being location free- living in Barcelona and working in London.

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