036: Arsh Ellahi is one of the most successful UK investors operating in the LHA market



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Arsh EllahiAfter leaving university, Arsh began his property journey by taking on his father’s small portfolio and focussing on the type of tenants often classes as a landlord’s worst nightmare.

He then started buying his own investment properties in the Wolverhampton area which currently generate an impressive20-30% yield.

With over 500 tenants all on housing benefits, Arsh has become one of the most successful UK investors operating in this niche, and his passion for treating his tenants well shines through in everything he does, including in his business results where he is proud to boast a 100% rent collection record and a 98% occupancy rate.

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Investing Strategies

Arsh is still consistently buying properties – with 10 deals going through at any one time. These will typically be a mix of Buy To Lets (single lets and HMOs), development flips, and trades where they do very little work to the property before selling it on.

Biggest Success

Along with his brothers, Arsh bought a car showroom in an affluent part of Wolverhampton. The plan was to develop it as they had secured planning for residential units, but as soon as they completed on it they got a phone call from Lidl, who had been trying to buy the site for a number of years.

They negotiated for a few weeks on the price and ultimately cleared £1,000,000 without even breaking ground.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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Arsh isn’t the biggest reader, but he does enjoy biographies of some of his favourite business people.

What You See Is What You Get: My Autobiography – Alan Sugar

Arsh Ellahi’s Links & Resources

arshellahi.com – Arsh is the director of 12 property companies including a DSS specific property portal, his own portfolio, a property trading company and a property training company. In addition, he is passionate about giving back, and is particularly focussed on his charity the Ellahi Charitable Foundation. You can find out about everything he has going on at his personal website.

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