049: Barry Davies had a pretty rocky start in property, but it never stopped him going on to achieve massive success doing massive deals




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Barry Davies Smart Property InvestmentBarry is a well known property investor, speaker and author of the 5 star rated book ‘Escape the Rat Race With Property Lease Options’.

He has built up an enviable portfolio and significant monthly income including a single property that generates over £50,000 annual profit, although he has worked hard to get there, starting out with only £8,500 whilst still in full time employment.

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You may remember Shaun Callacher from episode 14 who, still in his early 20s, has over 100 units in his portfolio that are predominantly HMOs through lease options and rent to rent deals. I’ve persuaded him to spend an hour giving us a proper introduction to Lease options, what they are and how to acquire them.

The webinar will be completely free to attend and it’s taking place on Wednesday the 10th of June at 7.30pm. We will record it as well, but the only way to access the webinar or be sent a copy of the recording is to register now at insidepropertyinvesting.com/lease

Investing Strategies

As a published author, most people assume Barry is an expert in property lease options, which of course he is. But his current focus is on pushing himself to do bigger deals across a number of strategies, as he sees exponential returns and far less competition.

Biggest Success

Barry’s current project is his favourite so far. It’s a commercial to residential development that is being converted into 4 separate HMOs and will generate an annual net profit of £58,000 – more than twice the average UK income from a single deal.

Barry goes into detail during the show of how he was able to make this deal work.

Biggest Difficulty

After agreeing an option agreement on a property, Barry spent a fortune renovating it as he was going to make it his own residence. But due to a minor mistake in the contract, he wasn’t able to complete on it and he lost a lot of money when the owner demanded the property back.

It goes to show that it’s so critical to have a good team of experts around you to avoid simple but costly mistakes like this.

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