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294: Investing alongside your corporate career with Ben Keenan




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Ben Keenan, an australian born, UK based solicitor who is jumping into the deep end of new build developments whilst still working full time as general council for an international construction company.

He’s relatively early in his own property career but is a great example of how property can work alongside a busy day job, how your relevant skills and experience can help you skip the early stages of property investing, and how finding the right partners can allow you to achieve more collectively than you’d be able to do on your own.

3:28 Life before Property for Ben

10:12 Focus more on the strategy side of things

10:53 Starting the property portfolio in Australia

13:21 Originally looking at single dwellings- but by teaming up with a partner it allowed Ben to jump ahead to Developments

13:56 Typical project for Ben

16:42 Invest in design- working with Karolina Ademchic (listen to her interview here) and a great architect

18:34 Is this a good market to be in right now?

20:30 Constantly trying to improve the systems

27:30 You can go faster working with others

30:26 Looking for a 25% Return on Cost for the project to stack

40:50 Working on the business not in the business

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