043: Bethan Jenkins is a marketing expert, property investor, and founder of CrowdLords – a crowdfunding platform for property investors




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Bethan Jenkins Crowd LordsNot our typical property investor guest, Bethan’s real strengths lie in her impressive marketing and strategy expertise, developed and honed during her career at Base One.

She was exposed to investing from a young age though as her mother ran a home based business whilst Bethan was growing up and stashed any profits she made into buy-to-let properties.

Bethan followed suit buying her own buy-to-let property when she was only 19, and is now combining her skill sets as the Co-Founder of CrowdLords, a two-sided equity crowdfunding platform for the buy-to-let market.

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Investing Strategies

Crowd Lords is an alternative investing platform that connects those seeking to get excellent returns on their capital and those who have property deals secured and need additional finance to make it a reality.

Biggest Success

Obviously Crowd Lords is Bethan’s biggest success and proudest achievement so far. During the show, Bethan talks about what exactly crowd funding is, how it’s applicable to property investing, and how it can help you whether you’re an investor or a developer.

Biggest Difficulty

Bethan decided to invest in North Cyprus at a time when there was talk of north and south resolving there issues, along with plans for new direct flights to the area. With these factors in mind, Bethan was confident the properties would go up in value.

With hindsight, although the property hasn’t gone down in value, it has been a very stressful investment property to deal with and has been very costly to manage it from afar.

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Business Model Generation – Adam K. Masterson

Bethan Jenkin’s Links & Resources

CrowdLords.com – Find out everything you need to know about property crowd funding, sign up as an investor or try to get your first deal funded!

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