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Brett Alegre-Wood Property InvestorBrett is a highly regarded property expert, operating businesses with 80 staff across 4 countries. These companies sell over £120million of property per year, let and manage over 1,100 properties, and are actively building property portfolios for over 4,000 clients.

He has been in property since 1994, working as an estate agent, mortgage broker, and sourcing consultant as well as investing in his own personal portfolio.

He is the founder of YPC Group, he is a highly regarded property educator, and author of the award winning The 3+1 Plan along with over 20 e-books, and 1000 articles on the subject of property investing.

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Investing Strategies

Brett has developed his strategy for identifying up and coming areas by following the ‘fundamentals’ out from high-growth areas – transport links, schools, major employers, major investment.

His core focus is on commuter towns within 60 minutes of London, and he’s now branching out also into the largest cities across the country.

Once he’s identified the next growth area (based on an algorithm with 109 different data points that he’s created!) he’s got his team building relationships with developers to do deals on off-plan properties.

Biggest Success

Rather than trying to make money quickly on a deal, Brett is very much focussed on ‘set and forget’ deals where he buys something in an up and coming area, gets it set up and managed well, then leaves it for the market to take effect. He’s done individual deals that made him £600,000, but he’s most proud of the fact that he’s only sold one of his properties in the last 13 years.

Biggest Difficulty

From a personal perspective, Brett purchased a house in Spain for £286,000 when it was valued at £500,000. Unfortunately this was before the major crash in Spain, and it’s now only worth £200,000. But because he bought based on good fundamentals, it still rents well despite losing value (and at the end of the day, it was more of an emotional purchase than most!).

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

The 3 + 1 Plan: The Insider’s Way to Achieve Financial Freedom with Just 4 Properties – Brett Alegre-Wood

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YPC Group – Access to all of the resources Brett has created, and send his team an email mentioning this podcast and they’ll send you a free copy of The 3+1 Plan

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