131: Carl Hutchings is a London based investor focusing on luxury renovations and developments in the South East, as well as helping his former professional football colleagues by helping them invest in property.




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Carl HutchingsCarl is perhaps best known for his career as a professional footballer, playing for a number of English teams over the course of 13 years.

What’s less well known is that throughout the same time period, he was quietly building up his own property portfolio before moving into property investment full time when he retired at 29 years old.

He continued to build on his property success as well as venturing into the hospitality business by opening a number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Central London. His passion remains on the property side of investing though, and he’s now been involved in over £25 million worth of property transactions.

He’s also the CEO of Elite Property Investments, building up several multi-million pound portfolios for his professional athlete friends and clients.

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Investing Strategies

Carl started buying property when a trusted mentor of his suggested that his football income might not last forever and he should think about investing for the future. He started off initially by buying low cost single let properties across London and renting them out.

After his football career ended he moved up to larger development deals, working with luxury properties, large renovation budgets, and joint venture partners from his contacts in the sporting world.

Biggest Success

There was a property in Weybridge that stands out in Carl’s head as the crossover between the small deals and the larger developments he’s now working on. It opened his eyes to a whole host of new challenges and skills, and changed his mindset entirely regarding property investing and focusing on bigger rewards.

He purchased it for £800,000 and spent around £350,000 on the renovations before going back on the market at £1.75 million, giving a potential profit of £600,000! Before he could sell it however, he received an offer to rent it for 2 years that was too good to refuse, giving him an additional £100,000 annual profit over the next 2 years.

Biggest Difficulty

One of Carl’s development deals is on the market at the moment. He paid £780,000 for it before Christmas but within 2 weeks of starting work he realised the new building team weren’t going to live up to their promises, leaving Carl with a significantly delayed timeline and a serious hole in his renovation budget.

Instead of having it on the market 3 months ago as planned, it was only completed just before the EU referendum which has resulted in a quiet market and an (at the time of recording) unsold property.

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Live Your Dreams – Les Brown

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