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Chris JonesDuring her time travelling the world as an International Business Analyst, Chris got bit by the property bug.

She decided to join an independent estate agents and work her way up, learning all of the internal dynamics of how they operated, before setting up her own property company Bay Tree Property Search Ltd in 2009.

She now works in Guildford and Maidenhead, sourcing properties for her clients and working with select individuals on joint venture projects.

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Investing Strategies

Chris has 3 strategies she is currently focussing on:
1) Buy to Let where she can make properties beautiful and rent them to young professionals. Chris likes this strategy as because they are done to a high standard, they’re in high demand so she can hand pick the tenants, resulting in hassle free tenancies.

2) Buy to Sell because Chris has the background experience on flipping properties.

3) Finally, she’s also working on planning gains at the moment due to the experience she has developed from some of her past projects.

Biggest Success

One of Chris’ biggest personal successes was the first deal she did with a client where she was managing the refurb. It was a 1 bedroom flat in a great part of town, walking distance to the train station, with car parking and in a beautiful Victorian property – except inside was an absolute mess!

They paid £141,000 on the purchase, a further £13,600 doing it up, and 6 weeks later it was revalued at £200,000.

It has since gone on to increase further in value to £245,000 within the space of 18 months.

Biggest Difficulty

The first time Chris was turning a property from a 1 bed into a 2 bed, it didn’t exactly go to plan.

The structural surveyor did a site visit and realised that moving one of the walls would require a party wall doc and consulting with the whole building (as it was a share of freehold).

Fortunately there was a backup plan which avoided needing to move any walls whilst still getting the additional bedroom, by moving the kitchen instead.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

The E-Myth Revisited – Michael E Gerber

Chris Jones’ Links & Resources

Facebook.com/BayTreeProperty – Keep up to date with the Bay Tree Property company on Facebook
BayTreeProperty.co.uk – The official website for the Bay Tree Property Company
surreypropertyexchange.co.uk – Find out details about the Surrey Property Exchange networking event
buckspropertymeet.com – Find out details about the Bucks Property Meet networking event

Email Chris Jones – Got a question or looking for some advice? Get in touch with Chris here.

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