Colour Of The Year 2018: Are you inspired?


Colour can be such a divisive subject when decorating your own home, but even in our renovation projects Victoria and I can spend hours discussing (arguing about) which colours to use, and where.

It seems we’re not alone, as all over social media I notice other investors and developers looking for advice on how to style their latest project, or acknowledgement that they made the right choice.

colour of the year 2018 inspiration for your next design scheme
Colour of the Year 2018 – Caliente AF-290

From the bold and beautiful designs of HiggiHaus, to the despairingly bland magnolia box ‘scheme’, it seems like everyone has a different opinion.

So how are we supposed to know which direction to go in?!

Well why not take all of the emotion out of it and simply trust the experts. Benjamin Moore are one of the top US paint manufacturers, and for the past couple of years have been available in the UK (albeit predominantly through their online store vs many retailers).

They’ve just announced their colour of the year – Caliente AF-290 – and I’m pretty confident it’ll be featuring in some of our upcoming projects.


In fairness, there are no original ideas anymore and we certainly don’t claim to be experts in picking interior schemes. We just find inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and interior design blogs and do our best to replicate what we like.

This ‘colour of the year’ is just another piece of inspiration, but if you watch the claims in the video about how much effort went into picking this one, there’s probably a higher chance that it’ll work out well.

With a couple of HMOs in progress, a new build about to start, and a few other sites getting ready for planning applications, we should have plenty of opportunities to try this out in the months ahead.


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