306: The Property Apprentice (Craig Sullivan) shares his Student HMO success story




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Today I am genuinely excited to be joined by Craig Sullivan. If you’ve come across his alter ego, @property_apprentice on social media, you’ll know what a ball of energy he is and this episode will not disappoint.

After buying his first student house at auction whilst still studying, he went on to build up an enviable portfolio of 15 properties and a letting agency which manages 90 in and around Kent.

Here’s a sneak peek at what discussed this time:

4:50 – Craig’s introduction to property investing, watching his dad move the family up the property ladder

8:10 – Identifying his first opportunity in property when moving into university halls

10:00 – Hatching a plan to buy his first student HMO at auction

15:00 – The origins of Student House Gillingham, Craig’s student letting agency

20:30 – Balancing his own portfolio alongside growing the letting agency, university, and working in London

41:25 – Craig’s 7 reasons why student HMOs are the most lucrative investment strategy

47:30 – The pros and cons of running a related business alongside growing your portfolio

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Links Mentioned

Website – StudentHouseGillingham.co.uk

Instagram – @property_apprentice

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