Episode #290: Creating Authority to Grow Your Property Business with Rob Stewart


Here’s a sneak peek at what discussed this time:

Today we are joined by Rob Stewart, successful property developer and a leading authority on, well… authority.

That’s what we’re focussing on in today’s podcast – how you can accelerate your expert status, attract clients with ease, and charge what you’re worth.

Now let’s be clear – this isn’t about becoming another property education company – it’s about how the power of creating a personal brand can help scale your property business, whether that’s by attracting private finance to your next project, introducing clients for your service business, or finding investors who want to buy the deals you’re sourcing.

If you’re aware of the power a strong brand can have on your business then this episode is for you. And if you’re sceptical or unconvinced then it’s definitely for you.

4:41 A quick overview of what Rob has been up to since we last spoke- scaling up, bigger projects, large listed development & new builds

7:05 Rob discusses the challenges of scaling up and shifting to development

10:40 Current project: a plot with 4 houses, the largest of which will be Robs new home.

12:13 New book out on the 12th November – “A practical guide for coaches, trainers, consultants and expert entrepreneurs that gives you the power to accelerate your expert status, attract clients with ease, charge what you’re worth and change people’s lives”

14:10 Why Rob decided to write the book- too many smokescreens on social media. How you can create authority without having to build a false image.

18:15 The importance of providing genuine value, its not just about making money

22:25 Create a power message- what is it you actually do, who do you offer it for? Project that message out and create the authority

23:46 What are your values? Be authentic to them

26:10 The importance of a niche “the one thing”. You can’t do everything for everyone. You should be the best at “one thing”.

31:50 Building a personal brand doesn’t mean you need to post 10 times a day on facebook

32:30 Who would benefit from having a personal brand- the types of businesses or people.

39:50 How and where to buy Rob’s book (plus how to tickets to his event if you buy a copy)

42:00 Final thoughts-don’t try and be somebody that you’re not.

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