152: Dan Hulbert has a passion for helping other people build wealth through property investments and property networking

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Dan Hulbert Hulbert-Smith LtdDan is the co-founder of Hulbert Smith Ltd, a property investment company with the mission to help other people build wealth through smart property investing.

And whilst this approach allows him to help the people that he works with directly, he’s scaling up his ability to have a positive impact on the property world with his second business, the Property Vault, a new networking organisation that encourages education, collaboration, and networking, without the upsell.

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Investing Strategies

With a background as a builder, it’s no real surprise that Dan ended up in the property investing world when he wanted to create a meaningful business. He uses his prior experience extensively to help other people succeed in property investing, but helping them source and manage investment properties.

Unlike many people operating in this space though, Dan doesn’t insist his clients follow a specific strategy. Instead, his first step is to understand their goals and ambitions, which he then uses to determine the best strategy for them. It will always involve Dan using his expertise to add value to property, but that could be in the form of flips, HMOs or even single lets.

Biggest Difficulty

One of his most recent projects for his own portfolio had a lot more issues with the structure of the building than he originally anticipated. The chimneys needed to be removed as the bricks has perished, the ground floor needed replaced as the timbers had rotted, and every time they fixed one issue, it seemed as though they uncovered another.

It was purchased for £50,000 but the renovation budget doubled from their original estimations.

After getting started and realising the extent of the work required, they revised their strategy and decided to convert it into a 3 bedroom multi let with 2 en-suite bathrooms. After refinancing, it’ll have about £25,000 of their investment left in it and will give a monthly profit of £600 – a return on investment of around 30%

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The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

Dan Hulbert’s Links & Resources

Facebook Group – The Property Vault – Collaborate with other property investors and discuss your latest deals.
ThePropertyVaultUK.com – Check out the main Property Vault website to find out information on the next event in your area.

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