Daniel Blacker

Episode #410: It’s a Family Affair – How Two Brothers And Their Father Created Freedom From Rent to Rent, with Daniel Blacker


I first crossed paths with Daniel a few months ago, during one of our commercial to residential open days.

Daniel, along with all our guests, shared his introduction, and right away, it was clear he was someone whose story deserved the spotlight.

His tale is a beacon of inspiration and motivation, showcasing the remarkable possibilities that come with determination and vision.

Daniel’s venture into the world of property began about seven years ago, alongside his dad and brother.

Together, they embarked on a mission to build a business that would bring them more freedom and opportunity.

They started with rent-to-rent strategies, dedicating their initial years to developing a profitable portfolio in what’s arguably one of the most accessible paths into property investment—despite requiring some capital.

However, what sets Daniel and his family apart is their forward-thinking decision to not just stop at rent-to-rent.

They leveraged their success by investing in buying assets, utilizing profits from their existing portfolio and forming partnerships with investors seeking a more hands-off investment strategy.

Learning about their story, the transitions they’ve navigated through, their growth, and the invaluable lessons along the way has been incredibly enlightening.

We believe you’ll find Daniel’s story as captivating and motivational as we did.

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