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Episode #404: Creating ‘Family Freedom’ Through Property Investing, with David Kidd


Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to David Kidd, a seasoned investor who has made remarkable strides in his journey towards financial and time freedom.

Over the past year, David has transitioned from being a part-time property investor to a full-time endeavor, achieving the kind of success many aspire to emulate.

Not only has he attained financial freedom, but he has also gained valuable time to spend with his young family, which has been a driving force in his pursuit.

With a diverse portfolio and a series of astute decisions under his belt, David shares insights into his portfolio growth and the strategies that have propelled his success.

His focus on creating freedom and flexibility to cherish precious moments with his family while they are young is truly inspiring.

Though this episode may not revolve solely around this aspect, it’s a poignant highlight of the balance he has achieved through property investing.

As David continues to pursue further growth, his journey thus far holds invaluable lessons for all. So, without further ado, let’s delve into today’s episode.

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