David Wigram-Tomes - Portfolio Cashflow Optimizer

Episode #403: Boosting Your Portfolio Income Without Buying Any More Deals, with David Wigram-Tomes


Today’s guest is no stranger to the show, despite actually never appearing on a podcast episode with us in the past. And that is because his wife, his partner in crime, Jackie Tomes, has been a guest several times in the past and often refers to ‘Detail Dave’ with affection during those interviews.

Today I’m thrilled to be joined by Dave himself talking through what really gets him excited and fired up, which is all things numbers, spreadsheets, and data to help make sure that as property investors, our portfolios are optimised as much as possible. 

And through one of his services that he provides to his clients, the Portfolio Cashflow Optimizer, he has had visibility to more portfolios, more data, more financial information than any of us will most likely ever see in a lifetime.

Through that he has spotted trends, patterns, opportunities, and areas where most of us are probably failing to maximise the income that we generate from our portfolio.

So throughout today’s interview, we talk a little bit about where this problem came from, how he went about solving it for his own business, and also some of the hints, the tips, the ideas, the opportunities that he has seen from his work with his clients that you can maybe apply to your own portfolio as well.

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