132: David Clouter has developed an extraordinary understanding of the property cycle during his 33 years as a property investor



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David Clouter Property InvestorDavid is a phenomenally knowledgeable property investor with a wealth of experience in the industry. I normally spend some time writing the introductions for each guest on the show, but I enjoyed this snippet from his website so much that I thought I’d read that first…

David Clouter – Property Multi-Millionaire, Mentor, Cambridge University graduate and former BBC broadcaster, David became an accidental landlord 33 years ago when he did his first rent-to-rent, in order to replace some noisy neighbours!

I love that little summary! In a little more detail, David has spent his property career investing in single lets in Cambridge, HMOs in London, and flipping properties among many other things, all part of his long term, multi-strategy approach.

He now also works alongside Fiona Talbot, a fantastic past guest of the show, in their company Property Accelerator, helping other landlords and investors build wealth faster.

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Investing Strategies

David has been involved in dozens of different investing strategies over the course of his 30 year property career. Typically, whatever he focuses on at any one time is dependent on the current stage of the property cycle and where he sees the market going.

When a market has bottomed out, he’s looking for long term buy and hold properties and really makes sure the figures work for him, regardless of what everyone else is saying or doing.

At the time of recording, David feels as though we’re very close to the top of the property market which is a time where he becomes very careful about his actions. As an example, he feels that short term option deals at the moment don’t really make sense as one of the main advantages of this type of deal is the gain from capital appreciation. If the market is close to the top and about to face a correction, you’ll lose out entirely on that element of the deal.

Understanding the Property Cycle

Whilst David’s view is that talking about an 18 year property cycle is an over-simplification, it’s clear from talking with him that there are very clear patterns in the property market that have repeated themselves time and time again.

This appears to have been one of the shortest property cycles recorded, and we discuss why that might be.

One thing to keep in mind is that despite it being less than 10 years since the last crash, we shouldn’t get into a false sense of security that we have another 8 years before the next one.

It usually takes major events to have a big impact on the market, and things like changes to stamp duty and mortgage interest relief, along with uncertainty from the Brexit situation could create a perfect storm big enough to have a sizeable impact on the property market.

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David Clouter’s Links & Resources

Facebook.com/David.Clouter – Facebook is probably the best way to get in touch with David
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