066: Divian Mistry is proud of the fact that he has achieved financial freedom by focussing on just two strategies – HMOs and Rent to Rent

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Divian MistryDivian has been entrepreneurial from a young age, but it wasn’t until he graduated from Southampton University with a degree in Economics and couldn’t find a graduate job that he was introduced to property.

Whilst making sandwiches in Subway, his manager at the time told him he didn’t need a lot of money to invest in property, and with a bit of research into no money down strategies, Divian embarked upon his property journey and now at only 27 years old has financial freedom from his property income.

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Investing Strategies

Rent to rent is a big focus for Divian at the moment, and he believes it’s a great starting point for investors getting started who don’t have a lot of capital. He’s at the stage where agents are bringing deals to him, so whenever they’re ready to expand the next property is already in the pipeline.

He’s also growing his HMO portfolio using his own money, and finance from joint venture partners. He loves both of these strategies because of the high cash-flow potential they both offer. As he says, ‘equity is great, but you can’t spend it’.

Biggest Success

When Divian was just getting started, doing simple tasks like calling motivated vendors were a huge success for him. It took him 45 minutes to call his first lead, via multiple trips to the bathroom and water breaks. It just shows that success comes from consistent action rather than grand gestures.

Biggest Difficulty

In Leicester, Divian had a large 6 bedroom property that he was doing a rent to rent on after a £3-4,000 refurbishment. He didn’t do as much research as he should have done though, as he was entering an area he wasn’t familiar with.

His work took him away from Leicester for a time so he handed over the reigns to his joint venture partner, but it didn’t work out and ended up costing him a lot of money in lost income.

Ultimately, it came down to him not being clear from the start – in terms of did the numbers stack up and how the roles were split between him and the JV partner.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment – Eckhart Tolle

Man’s Search For Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust – Viktor Frankl

Divian Mistry’s Links & Resources

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