311: Creating the life you’ve always wanted through property investing, with Emma Stubbings




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Today I’m delighted to be joined by Emma Stubbings, sharing her story of exiting a successful corporate career to focus full time on property investing. During our chat we get to find out how she created a phased runway to leaving her day job, focussing first of all on replacing her income with high cash-flowing properties in the north west.  We also discuss how she was finally able to move her investing closer to home in Cambridge despite initially thinking the more expensive area wasn’t viable, what her preference is between larger and smaller HMOs based on her own portfolio of houses that span from 5 to 15 bedrooms, and what her biggest secret to success is after 8 years in the industry.

2:20 Mike reveals himself as a podcasting Amateur

3:30 Emma shares her backstory and how she came to be in Property

8:48 A life changing moment which made Emma reassess what was important in life

10:00 Leaving the corporate world to pursue property full time

13:38 “Property saved me”

16:09 Breaking goals down intro strategy in order to achieve them

19:09 Her first Student HMO- an easy start!

20:00 Her second project- a block of flats that needed totally renovating, taught Emma the most.

24:15 Biting off more than you can chew- stressful at the time, but no regrets in the long term.

27:45 Moving area to Liverpool

31:24 “If your are going to go big (on HMOs) you have to get it right”

33:48  A mix of students and professionals, for Emma it really comes down to the area.

38:24 The move to Cambridge and how Emma is making this expensive area work for her.

43:55 A different strategy in Cambridge, but making life easier

51:09 Spending time abroad- how does Emma make this work for her

55:13 The perfect deal doesn’t exist- there is more value to be had from learning as you go.

55:56 Don’t get distracted by what others are doing, focus on your own goals and what works for you.

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