What’s the England Team Going to do Once the Word Cup is Over? Investing in Property Seems the Preferred Choice


England’s World Cup team might be busy bringing football home. Yet once they’re back, chances are they’ll more likely be turning their attention to investing in home turf than kicking a football around it. With footballing stars past and present lining up to buy property, we take a look at the key players netting goals in the property world.

Dele Alli

The 22 year old Tottenham midfielder might have made his name scoring the second goal against Sweden, propelling England into the semi-finals, yet he’s also making moves on the property world. Last year he acquired a £2.25 million mansion in an exclusive Herefordshire enclave.

Deli Alli Mansion
Dele’s £2million new build mansion in Hertfordshire.

His interest in property likely stems from the time he spent living with school friend Harry Hickford and his father Alan Hickford, director of several building and property companies.

It seems that like his footballing ambitions, his property ambitions are unstoppable. He recently set up and is director of the company Future Homes Investment Ltd, so we’re sure to hear of more property moves soon.

Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs

As one of the class of 92, Neville is leading the way again in the field of property investment. His £200 million St. Michael’s redevelopment in the heart of Manchester was recently given the green light and will include luxury apartments and a five-star hotel.

Alongside former Manchester United team mate Ryan Giggs, he is also planning to refurbish the grade II listed Manchester Stock Exchange. The planned development includes a huge, exclusive apartment occupying the entire top floor, as well as a boutique hotel.

gary neville stock exchange
The historic Stock Exchange building in Manchester due to be developed by Gary Neville, comprising a luxury hotel, restaurant and apartments.

Marcus Rashford

Rashford, 20, is the youngest England player to score on his international debut and similarly his youth hasn’t dissuaded him from his property investment ambitions. The Manchester United forward launched Mucs Properties Ltd early last year and is set to invest his millions in rental properties across the North West.

He has already bought two houses in his home town of Milton Keynes, estimated to bring in around £1,600 per month in rent.

Frank Lampard

The former Chelsea and England midfielder has never shied away from venturing into new fields, counting TV Pundit, Football Manager and Children’s Writer amongst his job titles.

In addition to his family mansion in Chelsea, the 40 year old also has three apartments in the exclusive London Docklands, two houses in Cambridge and a four-bed house in Barcelona.

He also rents out a Tudor mansion in Surrey that he bought back in 2004 with his wife, TV star Christine Lampard, for a tidy £9,000 a month, after failing to sell it for over 4 years.

Robbie Fowler

Arguably now as famous for his property antics as his footballing career, fans at his old club Manchester City used to sing “We all live in a Robbie Fowler House,” in testament to his reputation.

The property magnate’s portfolio that includes 80 terraced houses spread out between Oldham, Liverpool, Scotland and Wales has helped boost his net worth to over £31 million.

The former England international even has his own property investment academy where he offers workshops and training courses, sharing his secrets to success.

Robbie Fowler is the face of a large property training company, yet doesn’t actually attend the events he promotes.

Raheem Sterling

The England winger has exploded onto the property scene with his recent acquisition of a £3.1 million Cheshire mansion. The home, just outside of Crewe, boasts five bedrooms and five acres of countryside. It is his latest addition, since leaving his £3 million rented mansion in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

However, he has long had his foot on the property ball, having during his time at Liverpool acquired a £1.2 million place in the village of Birkdale, which he moved on from after his transfer to Manchester City.



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