Find UK property networking events near you with our calendar


Networking is essential for all property investors, budding and experienced alike. It introduces you to relevant people in your area to collaborate with. It allows you to share ideas. And it’s a brilliant source of motivation.

Previously it has been difficult to find a single comprehensive list of UK property investor meetings. There might have been a few different Facebook pages you followed. You might have typed key words into Google. Yet, there was nothing that pulled all these events into one place.

We’re trying to solve this problem by creating a calendar of UK property networking events.

It’s not perfect yet and we’re looking to add extra functionality in the near future, but it gives a good sense of what we’re hoping to create.

Easy to use 

The calendar lets you view events by month, week and day. You can search for all events in a particular place, on a date that suits you and by keywords. Busy in the evenings? Search for ‘breakfast’ to find all the morning meetings during a particular month. A map view option lets you zoom in on different cities and see nearby meetings. Find an event you like? With a quick click of the ‘Export’ button, you can have it added to your personal calendar in seconds.

We want every property networking event happening in the UK on the calendar. If we’ve missed one, contact us and we’ll get it added.


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