037: Fiona Talbot epitomises diverse property investing with long term rentals (single lets and HMOs), short term holiday lets, commercial property, hospitality venues, and is even thinking about trading




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Fiona TalbotAfter graduating from the university of Melbourne, whilst her friends went off and got Jobs, Fiona Talbot decided to move to Japan and spent the next 6 years working and skiing between there and New Zealand.

In 1998 she moved to the UK to study accountancy, but quickly took the leap into property following in her parents foot steps, with very little capital to get her started.

The first few deals were tough, but she has persevered and over the last 15 years has built a multi-million pound portfolio of single lets, she has 72 HMO rooms, weekly self catering accommodation, commercial buildings, a sports bar and has even turned around a failing hotel.

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Investing Strategies

After a few passive years focussing on other businesses, Fiona is back this year to focus on growing her existing portfolio of single lets and HMOs, and is actively looking for a small commercial to residential conversion project.

Biggest Success

After having had a residential portfolio for a long time, Fiona diversified into commercial when she bought a genuine BMV hotel building with trading business.

She spent the first few years of her investing journey thinking she’d stop when she got to five houses, and has consistently broken through the targets she has sent. This jump in to commercial property and the hotel business was just the latest in a string of massive personal successes for Fiona.

Biggest Difficulty

Early in her investing career, Fiona spent £30,000 buying into a portfolio building service. Unfortunately the promise of delivering £1,000,000 of property within a year wasn’t delivered, as every deal they sent to Fiona didn’t stack up when she spoke to local agents and did her own due diligence.

£30,000 out of pocket, Fiona still remembers the pain of that mistake but it taught her a great lesson in trusting her instinct and making sure she always does her own due diligence on every deal presented to her.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor – Robert Shemin

Multiple Streams of Property Income – Rob Moore

GUEST NAME Links & Resources

fiona-talbot.co.uk – Fiona’s official website
facebook.com/fionaltalbot – Connect with Fiona on Facebook
progressivepropertynetwork.co.uk/cambridge – Want to meet Fiona in person? Head along to her monthly networking night in Cambridge
youtube.com – Fiona’s Youtube channel created to share videos to inspire and motivate other property investors.

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