107: Fraser Macdonald started building his property portfolio whilst in the corporate world, but since leaving in 2004 has sourced over 400 propeties and is working on some fantastic development projects.




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Fraser Macdonald Property FitSince 1998, Fraser has been investing in his own residential buy to let portfolio. Initially this was whilst still in the corporate world working for Tesco Commercial & Marketing, until he made the decision to leave in 2004 and focus full time on his property investments.

He had started creating wealth via property for Joint Venture partners in 2003, and since 2004 he has sourced over 400 properties for clients worth £28 million through his company Property Fit Ltd.

On top of that, he’s also the Managing Director of two lettings companies based in London and Birmingham, and is working on some very exciting development projects.

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Investing Strategies

In terms of Fraser’s personal investing strategy – he’s finished! He has a portfolio of over 100 properties and now simply wants to clear the mortgages on them.

Having said that, he is now working with Gavin Barry and Ed Fowkes on a new venture called Prosperity Capital Partners, where he is working on development deals in high re-sale areas (London and the South East), looking specifically at alternative investments such as student developments, build-to-rents, healthcare developments etc. starting with a 350 room student development!

Biggest Success

During the Mortgage Express days of same day refinancing, Fraser remembers being able to buy 40 houses in 1 day and get £100,000 back out at the same time.

Biggest Difficulty

Surviving the recession was a particularly proud moment for Fraser, being able to trade through it was a few clients speculating on the property market, becoming an Energy Assessor to cover the mortgage, and then being well positioned as a result of hanging on when the market started to pick up again.

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Fraser Macdonald’s Links & Resources

Facebook.com/Fraser.MacdonaldProperty – Find and connect with Fraser on Facebook

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