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Episode #402: From Lump Sum Land Assembly Profits to Recurring HMO Revenue, with George Ball

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Today’s guest, George Ball, brings a unique perspective to the property industry. With a background in sales, George has crafted a highly profitable strategy in land assembly. This involves negotiating with multiple homeowners or property owners to create parcels of land that he secures planning for. He then either develops these himself or sells them on to another developer for a considerable profit.

However, George realized that alongside these substantial profits, he also wanted more recurring revenue. That’s where our paths crossed. A couple of years ago, George found our Inside HMO Investing course and recognized that HMOs were the perfect route for him to build up healthy monthly recurring profits alongside his development and land assembly pipeline.

Since then, George has built up an impressive HMO portfolio, which he continues to focus on today, in tandem with his land assembly and development projects. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from his experiences, including how he got started, what his early deals looked like, his current focus, and his plans for the future.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy this insightful discussion. If you have any questions for George or want to discover more about his journey, all of his contact details will be shared at the end of today’s episode.

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