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Episode #399: Property Investing in The French Alps? Yes Please! With Gina Ewart

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You may have heard that over the past couple of summers, we’ve been spending a little bit of time in the mountains, specifically in a sleepy little ski resort called Morzine. And after decades of enjoying ski holidays in the winter, we thought, let’s go check out what all the fuss is about for mountain summer holidays.

We had an absolute blast! And in the process, we were lucky enough to meet a family who run a business called Reach 4 the Alps in Morzine. They’ve been doing it since 2000, so over 20 years now.

And in today’s episode, I get the chance to catch up with Gina, one half of the business and family partnership that has been running that company for those 20-plus years. And we get to talk about a whole bunch of different things. I mean, at its core, it’s a service accommodation business, hence the relevance. But I know a lot of us are investing in property to do other things with our lives, right? Property is not the end, it is the means to that end. But maybe we could combine the two.

Maybe we could enjoy a different lifestyle, a different way of life, a different geographic location, or just something that we are more passionate about by investing in property in a way that allows us to have fun at the same time, which is exactly what Gina and Marcus have been doing – investing in a place that they love so that they can ski several times a week, they can enjoy that mountain life throughout the summer as well, raise their kids in a great location with all of that outdoor lifestyle.

That specifically may or may not appeal to you. It doesn’t matter, but I think what is important is that we can create a life, we can create a business that is built around what we want to achieve, what is important to us, and what makes us happy.

So hopefully you get some inspiration, whether it’s about the serviced accommodation side of the business, which includes some owned ski chalets as well as some rent-to-rent stuff, or just to get some creative juices flowing in your own mind about what a property business that works for you could look like. So I hope you enjoyed today’s episode, I’m sure you will, and if you ever find yourself in Morzine then be sure to check out Gina and Marcus at Reach 4 the Alps.

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  1. Hi

    Im in Morzine March 21-26th . can we catch uo for a coffee ? At present i opeate 6 S.A’s in the Cotswolds, and have a vision on the Alps…..not Morzine-Les Arc or Le Fornet

    look forward to a reply

    Bon ski


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