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Our 8 week challenge will prepare you to find your first profitable HMO project, with the industry's best education, regular coaching and accountability, and a private community to help you through your struggles and achieve success in a short space of time.  

We have been helping aspiring HMO investors like you achieve huge success for years now with our Inside HMO Investing online course, but this 8 week challenge will take you further, faster - over the duration of the challenge we will get you ready to buy your first HMO. 

This is not a get rich quick scheme - this is an opportunity to take control of your life and become financially free! 

HMOs allowed us to leave the day jobs behind in a few short years. Let us help you achieve the same freedom, starting with the next 8 weeks of your life. 

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Why HMOs?

I presume you're exploring the idea of HMO investing for one of two reasons - either you want to create more financial security for yourself and your family; or you want to create more time to spend with your loved ones, doing what you love. 

When we started out with our own HMO investing, Victoria and I were working 40-60 hours a week in corporate jobs we weren't passionate about. The income was good, but our lifestyle didn't match, and more than anything we craved freedom to travel and enjoy life.  

Whether you're currently in the same position as we were or have your own source of dissatisfaction, I can completely relate to feeling like there's a better way.  

  • Maybe you're on maternity leave and dread the idea of leaving your kids with someone else when you go back to work (this has been a huge source of motivation for many families we've helped to start investing in HMOs); 
  • it could be a niggling feeling that retirement is looming closer and your pension isn't quite where you hoped it would be (another common driver for our investors); 
  • or maybe you just know that the rat-race isn't where you want to spend the next 30-40 years, and you've got it in you to achieve more for yourself and your family.  

Our starting points might be varied, but we're all looking for the same two things:  

Security & freedom!

HMO investing can give us a lot more than this, as a big part of our motivation is to create housing in a broken market and raise the standard of accommodation in the private rental sector, but the important thing is that whatever other motivations we have, HMOs can 100% give us an abundance of both security and freedom!

Presumably you've got some idea of what HMOs are which is how you ended up here, but even if you don't, it doesn't matter at this stage.  

Put very simply, an HMO (or house of multiple occupancy) is a broad term covering 

"residential property which is rented to multiple separate individuals rather than to a single person or family."

The most common type is student houses, where 5 or 6 friends will move out of halls of residence after their 1st year, and into a shared house where they split the rent, bills and responsibilities.  

The market is massive though, and hugely diverse, from young professional graduates looking for the highest standards and amenities to very specific niches like older singletons, or vulnerable people needing a short term roof over their heads (often funded and guaranteed by local authorities). 

The money's not bad either!

Financially speaking, the big benefit comes from the increased rental income that comes from renting a single property to multiple people.  

Our best example of this is in a 3 bedroom house that we converted into 6 bedroom young professional HMO. As a house it might have rented for £700 per month, but after converting it to a professional house share it now generates in excess of £3,000 per month in rental income. That's a huge uplift!  

With numbers like that, there's an obvious appeal for investors because there's virtually no other type of property investment (or any investment really) that will generate returns like HMOs.  

The profitability of HMOs will obviously vary depending on how well you can source good deals, and how well you convert and run them on an ongoing basis, but typically an average small HMO would generate in excess of £600-800 net profit every single month (that’s after all of your costs, mortgage payments, repair bills and so on).  

You don't need to be a maths genius to see that even a few well executed HMO investments can add to or even replace an income.  

We want to help you take the first step in only 8 weeks.

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"Regularly a single house will make in excess of £1,000 per month, and our most profitable houses bring in over £2,000 every month."

Why an 8 Week Challenge?

Hundreds of people have been through our Inside HMO Investing course over the past 2 years, and many of them have gone on to achieve great success with their own HMO investing. 

We want to make sure EVERYBODY achieves the success they desire though.

Inside HMO Investing gives you the knowledge to successfully find, fund, renovate and manage HMOs (which is why we include it for free to every participant in the challenge), but after speaking to many students the feedback was clear. 

To ensure the greatest success for the greatest number of people, we need to guide you through the first stages of securing your first deal, and provide more: 

  •  Accountability - to make sure you take action
  •  Confidence - to believe in yourself and your actions
  •  Early stage support - to overcome any uncertainty and take the RIGHT actions
  •  Actionable next steps - so you know what to do as well as how to do it  

During the challenge we will take you through the first 4 stages of becoming a successful HMO investor, and by the end of the 8 weeks you'll have the knowledge, confidence and support to start making offers on successful HMO projects. 

Stage 1 - Goal Setting & Financial Planning (weeks 1-2)

Stage 2 - Area Analysis to identify where you should invest (weeks 3-4)

Stage 3 - Raising Finance & Mortgage Products (weeks 5-6)

Stage 4 - Sourcing property and making offers (weeks 7-8) 

Every stage of the HMO investing process is covered in detail in the 15+ hours of video content included with your Inside HMO Investing course (included for free to challenge participants), but during the 8 week challenge we will get you off the starting blocks to make sure you don't become just another course junkie.

What's included in the 8 week HMO Challenge?

  • 4 x live group coaching calls taking you through the 4 stages of preparation to get you 'HMO Ready'

  •  8 weeks of action steps, homework and assignments to take you from zero to H(MO)ero

  • 8 weeks of support from experts and peers in our private challenge discussion group

  • Personalised Goals & Financial Readiness Health Check for HMO Investing

  • Bonus: full lifetime access to Inside HMO Investing - over 15 hours of video content covering the 6 key stages of HMO investing

  •  Bonus: 12 months free access to our Property Community, with discussions on all aspects of property investing, regular coaching calls with industry experts, and additional online courses covering the different elements of running a successful property business  

If you're ready to take control of your financial future, crave freedom from your day-job, need to build a more reliable pension, or want more freedom to spend your time with who you love, doing what you love, then the 8 week HMO Challenge should be your number 1 priority.  

Taking part in this 8 week process and following the steps we outline is the best way to prepare yourself to buy your first HMO, and you'll be on the path towards creating a better future for yourself and your family.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the 8 week challenge designed for?

With the combined information from the 8 week challenge, the Inside HMO Investing course, plus access to our IPI Community, this will give you all of the knowledge to successfully invest in HMOs. No previous experience is required (although it is worth keeping in mind that some previous landlord experience will open up more mortgage lenders to you). 

The challenge has been created to help people who either have the knowledge or are willing to learn, but haven't taken the necessary steps to secure their first project. 

The focus of the 8 week challenge is not to teach you every step of the HMO investing process (we include the Inside HMO Investing course to do that). The intention is solely to guide you through the first steps of the process, ready to start submitting offers on properties with great HMO potential. 

We will guide you through a robust goal setting and financial planning process; we will show you how to assess and pick a suitable location for HMO investing; we will explain the different finance options available to you to start and grow your portfolio; and finally we will take you step by step through our best sourcing and deal appraisal tools and tips so that you can make offers with confidence on the right property. 

In order to succeed: 

  • you need to commit to following the steps that we outline during each stage of the challenge
  • you need to make sure you have at least a couple of hours per week available to work on the challenge for the duration
  • you do not need any prior HMO or property investing experience

What resources do I need to invest in HMOs?

Aside from a willingness to learn and a time commitment for the 8 week challenge, we need to raise an important point around property investment, and specifically HMO investing. 

We do not believe that advocating 'no money down' investment strategies is an ethical approach. You can get into property investing with limited cash, through 'control strategies' like rent-to-rent, or through utilising outside investment, however to promise you huge wealth overnight if you have no capital is nothing more than a sales technique to part you from the cash you do have. 

We have grown a successful and profitable HMO portfolio with mix of our own funds and investor finance, but we learnt on our own money, started slowly, and gradually worked up to more complex deals and finance structures. 

We will touch on investor finance during the challenge as a potential 'next step' to propel future growth, however the assumption is that the deal you are working towards during the challenge will be funded with your own capital (whether that's cash in the bank, support from a spouse or relative, redundancy payout or similar). 

In real terms, depending on the area you are looking to invest in, we would suggest that an absolute minimum of £30,000-£50,000 is required to get involved in HMO investing, and even that won't go too far in today's market. 

If you have no access to this level of capital and no clear idea of where that could come from in the near future, I would suggest focussing on that first, and join the challenge at a later date. 

We do not explore rent-to-rent as a strategy at all during the challenge or in the Inside HMO Investing course. 

When is the challenge taking place?

The challenge will start on Tuesday, August 6th and run for 8 weeks. The 4 group coaching calls will take place from 7-9pm on:

  • Tuesday 6th August
  • Tuesday 20th August
  • Tuesday 3rd September
  • Tuesday 17th September

Each call will be recorded and made available to you in case you cannot attend a session. 

Spaces are limited so we can give you the support you need during the 8 week challenge and ensure you are ready to buy your first HMO. 

We make no guarantees that you will buy an HMO within the 8 week challenge, but will give you all of the knowledge to be able to do so. Your success will be dependent on your own effort, actions, and market forces beyond our control. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back. In order to successfully invest in HMOs you will require access to investment capital. This challenge does not cover or encourage property secured on a rent to rent basis.