HMO Mastermind Group

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We’ve been running a very successful mastermind group for almost 2 years with experienced property developers investing all across the UK and focussing on all different strategies. It’s a phenomenal group to be part of, but unfortunately for everyone except the 12 members, it’s at capacity most of the time.

Because of our joint passion for HMOs (they’ve allowed us both to leave well paid careers and we genuinely believe that they fill an important gap in the housing market), it’s where we feel we can best help others as well, which is why we decided that with this new mastermind group we can deliver the most value to you by focussing on this specific strategy.

What You’ll Get as a Member

The basis of any good mastermind group is a regular meeting to share progress, remain accountable and get the support you need.

Our group will meet for 2 hours twice per month on weekday evenings. We’ll use Zoom video conferencing (similar to Skype or Google Hangouts) so as long as you have a good internet connection you can join from wherever you might be at the time.

During these calls we’ll spend 15-20 minutes with each member in the ‘hot seat’, where the focus is on your business, your projects, and helping you overcome any difficulties you’re facing or questions you have to move you towards your goals faster than you could do on your own.

We’ll also spend some time at the start and end of each call running through your achievements and setting targets for the weeks ahead, making sure you have clear accountability and stick to your goals.

I’ll obviously be in every call sharing my advice and perspective, but you also get the benefit of advice from the rest of the group. Investors who share your ambition and passion and have either been through the struggles you’re facing or are going through them with you.

As well as the live calls, we also have a private Whatsapp group for ongoing discussion and support throughout the month, so you don’t need to wait for the next call if you need quick input on a decision you need to make.

We also record each call and share both the audio (great for listening to like a podcast) and video in case you miss a session or want to revisit a discussion afterwards.

Who is the HMO Mastermind Group Right For?

There are two criteria you need to meet in order to get the most from our HMO Mastermind. The first is that you need to be an active HMO investor. If you’re just thinking about it or trying to decide which direction to go in then this isn’t right for you (but our online Inside HMO Investing course might be!).

However if you’ve got your first project in the pipeline or are already building a portfolio, I guarantee your membership will more than pay for itself by guiding you to better deals, higher rents and lower voids.

The second criteria is that you must be ambitious – actively trying to grow your business. If you’re on auto-pilot with everything ticking over then there’s no incentive to join calls, help yourself and help others.

If you really want to make a success of your investing though, then surrounding yourself with likeminded people is the best way to do this. Hands down, it’s been one of the biggest contributors to our own success, so I’m saying this with confidence based on our own experience.

So if you value the support and you fit the criteria, there’s only one question left to ask…

What Next?

We’re looking to get this group up and running in July, so only a couple of weeks from now. The group will be limited to between 6 and 8 people so we can all get to know each other well. The best advice and support comes from the people who know, like and trust you, so we’re keeping it intimate for that reason.

The cost will be £200 per month. I assume to some of you that’ll seem very reasonable, and to others it may seem expensive. I’m not going to try and persuade you one way or another, only you will know if this represents good value to you. This is an investment in yourself and your business that will more than pay for itself.

There is also no long term commitment. I don’t believe in fixed contracts or tie ins. I would ask that if you’re serious about joining then you make a commitment to yourself to give it 3 months. It takes time to build relationships and understand what value each member has to offer. After that if you don’t think it’s right for you then you’re free to go.

Part of the reason for starting this group is because our current group rarely has any free space for new members, so I’m confident you’ll choose to stay but happy to wish you all the best if you don’t.

What I need now is a commitment from you if you want one of the spaces (ideally sooner than later as I’m sure this will fill up). Let me know by entering your email via the button below, and we’ll sort out the details from there.