Inside Serviced Accommoation Investing  

Our unique online course teaching you how to successfully invest in Serviced Accommodation.  

In a nutshell, the Inside SA Investing course is years of knowledge from instructor Dale Smith, distilled into 5 modules that will help you start your own SA property business.  

Dale's business on the North Yorkshire coast succeeded due to his understanding of property investment, excellent customer service and creative marketing, and we cover his steps to success throughout this course. 

I presume you're exploring the idea of SA investing for one of two reasons - either you want to create more financial security; or you want to create more time to spend with your loved ones, doing what you love. 

Dale was exactly the same, and without his focus on SA over the past few years he would still have a hectic corporate job and travel schedule, working for someone else to pay the bills.  

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"How would you like us to hold your hand as you FIND, FUND, RENOVATE & MANAGE your first (or next) SA?"

Inside SA Investing will give you everything you need to successfully invest in Serviced Accommodation, but if you've got no desire to invest in education, or you're not ready to take action within the next 6-12 months then this isn't the right course for you.  

If you are ready to get started though and see the value of the right education, then keep reading and I'll tell you a little more about Dale's story, the SA market, and how Inside SA Investing is the best tool to help you achieve your goals.  

When Dale started out with his own SA Investing, he had a successful job in the automotive industry but was working long hours, having to travel all across the UK and the world (too much time away from his family!). 

He was earning a good income, but he craved more time at home and a better work-life balance. 

Whether you're currently in the same position in the corporate world or have your own source of dissatisfaction, I can completely relate to feeling like there must be a better way.  

  • Maybe you're on maternity leave and dread the idea of leaving your kids with someone else when you go back to work (this has been a huge source of motivation for many families we've helped to start investing in Serviced Accommodation); 
  • It could be a niggling feeling that retirement is looming closer and your pension isn't quite where you hoped it would be (another common driver for our investors); 
  • Or maybe you just know that the rat-race isn't where you want to spend the next 30-40 years, and you've got it in you to achieve more for yourself and your family.  

Our starting points might be varied, but we're all looking for the same two things:  

Security & freedom!

The important thing to remember is that whatever other motivations we have, Serviced Accommodation can give us an abundance of both security and freedom!

The simple story of Serviced Accommodation...

Serviced apartments, serviced accommodation, short lets, holiday lets...

Presumably you've got some idea of what Serviced Accommodation is which is how you ended up here, but even if you don't, it doesn't matter at this stage.  

Put very simply, Serviced Accommodation is a broad term covering 

"furnished residential property which is rented on a short term basis to business and leisure guests".

This could be a holiday cottage in the middle of the countryside, a luxury apartment in London's financial district, or anything in between.

The market is massive though, and hugely diverse, from corporate business travellers looking for a more homely alternative to a hotel to groups of friends or families looking for the perfect venue for their stay-cation. 

The money's not bad either!

Financially speaking, the big benefit comes from the increased rental income that comes from renting a single property on a short term basis.  

Our best example of this is in a small cottage overlooking the sandy beaches of the North Yorkshire Coast. As a family home it might have rented for £800 per month, but after converting it to a luxury seaside holiday home it now generates in excess of £2,500 per month in profit. That's a huge uplift!  

With numbers like that, there's an obvious appeal for investors because there are very few other investment types that will generate a return like this.  

The profitability of Serviced Accommodation will obviously vary depending on how well you can source good deals, and how well you convert and run them on an ongoing basis, but typically an average SA property would generate in excess of £600-800 net profit every single month (that’s after all of your costs, mortgage payments, repair bills and so on).  

You don't need to be a maths genius to see that even a few well executed SA investments can add to or even replace an income.  

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"Regularly a single house will make in excess of £1,000 per month, and our most profitable houses bring in over £2,000 every month."

And what makes it even better is the process is actually relatively simple.  

I'm not saying it's easy to put everything into place, but we rinse and repeat the same processes on every project to ensure success, and we have plenty of examples of our own projects and from other investors who have completed Inside SA Investing to back it up.  

You don't need to be a professor in economics or a master builder to set up and run successful SAs. I can promise you that Dale was neither of those things, and still manages to achieve success time and time again.  

If it's so simple then, why do you need Inside SA Investing to succeed?  

The process of creating a successful, profitable SA is simple… once you know how.  

To give you an overview of exactly what's included in the course, these are the key areas covered that you need to be familiar with in order to create and run profitable SA investments.

Module 1 - Strategy & Location

In this module it's all about identifying the best areas for investing in Serviced Accommodation, understanding how to measure demand in your area, and how to pick the right target market for your investments.  

Getting the location right for your investments is so important. In fact if you get this wrong, all of your later efforts could be worthless, so we'll make sure in this first module that you know exactly how to determine where you should (and shouldn't!) be looking for your next property.  

Module 2 - SA Property Sourcing

Once you've picked the right area(s), the next step is to find the perfect property. SA Property Sourcing is a skill in itself, but there are plenty of options. We'll focus on making sure you know exactly how to identify a suitable property for conversion to an SA, as well as looking at how to find these properties.  

90% of our deals come from estate agents, so that's where we'll focus, but we'll also take a look at direct to vendor marketing as well.

Module 3 - SA Deal Analysis

In module three we get deep into the numbers. Whether you're a budding statistician or hate maths as much as I do, I'll make sure you know exactly how to appraise every deal that crosses your desk quickly and easily.  

The appraisal process ensures that you're buying the right property at the right price. We'll cover the returns you should be aiming for, purchase prices, buying and renovation costs, nightly, and running costs.  

It's not just about the numbers though. The appraisal process also needs to consider things like seasonal fluctuations and the importance of pushing direct bookings.

Module 4 - SA Marketing

Your marketing and customer service efforts will become a key piece of your success in the world of Serviced Accommodation, where things like guest reviews and direct bookings can make or break your business. 

We'll look at both of these areas, as well as creating your own website, making the most of the different Online Travel Agents (, AirBnB etc), and some all important interior design and furnishing considerations. 

Module 5 - SA Management

Without systems in place, you run a real risk of replacing one job with another. In module 5 we make sure this doesn't happen by showing you exactly how to set up the systems that will manage your bookings, guest communications, check-ins, check-outs and cleaning/change overs. 

Serviced accommodation can be a very hands-on business, but it doesn't need to be, so we'll make sure you get set up in the right way from the start. 

As well as these critical steps to successful SA Investing, there is a wide array of legal and compliance issues to navigate as well (which are covered in the Inside SA Investing course as well)... 

Working through these modules will ensure you can begin to create your own SA portfolio, whether you just want one property to save for a rainy day, or you want to grow a significant income from property, leave the day job behind, and free your time to focus on what you love.  

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There's a bit of a land grab happening right now in the UK SA market, 

as councils are getting increasing pressure to limit the number of SAs being created in particular areas. 

At some point in the future, creating new SAs will become more and more difficult, so those of us with an existing portfolio will reap the rewards of owning a desirable product in a market where the supply has been seriously restricted.  

I mentioned earlier that there is virtually no other investment type that will deliver the same returns and profits that Serviced Accommodation can.  

Your average bank account will give a paltry 1-1.5% on your savings. 

The stock market averages around 5-6% per year, whereas Serviced Accommodation gives a minimum of 20% return on our investment, often going above 50%.  

I also said that it's simple, but not necessarily easy. 

With our course guiding you through each of the critical stages of a successful SA project, we'll make it feel like a walk in the park compared to trying to figure it out for yourself. 

From a standing start, you could have your first SA up and running and generating an income in only a few months, and from there, the sky is the limit.  

You don't need to be a property expert, a builder, or even a finance specialist to create a successful SA (our tools and spreadsheets will help you understand a good deal from a dud).  

And with the course comprising a series of videos, you can watch them at your pace, in your own time, as many times as you like.  

If something isn’t clear, you can revisit that video or module until it becomes clear, or simply jump into our private discussion group to get input from myself and other investors to help you overcome any obstacles you're facing.  

What's included in the Inside SA Investing course?

  •  5 video modules covering everything you need to find, fund, renovate and manage SA property
  •  Over 6 hours of video content covering the key elements of SA investing
  •  Downloadable templates, tools and spreadsheets to help with each stage of the process
  •  Lifetime access to current content and all future updates 
  •  Lifetime access to our private Inside SA Investing community to discuss your successes and struggles with other active SA investors 
  •  One month free access to our Property Community, with discussions on all aspects of property investing, regular coaching calls with industry experts, and additional online courses covering the different elements of running a successful property business  

If you're ready to take control of your financial future, crave freedom from your day-job, need to build a more reliable pension, or want more freedom to spend your time with who you love, doing what you love, then Inside SA Investing is for you.  

Following our processes will guide you to becoming an SA expert in no time, and you'll be on the path towards creating a better future for yourself and your family.  

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