Bonus: Get Your Business Ready For Growth – 7 tasks to focus on whilst social distancing



In this bonus episode we take a look at 7 different tasks you can focus on during isolation/social distancing that will prepare your business for growth once life begins to return to normal.

With so much fear and uncertainty going around it’s difficult to think about next month, never mind next year, but a lot of it is largely out with our control.

We can take steps to look after our health and minimise risks and I really hope that’s priority number one for you, but what is within our control is how we prepare our business for the future.

Because what we need to keep in mind is that someday whether it’s a few weeks from now or months down the line, things will start to return to something at least resembling normality.  And knowing that truth means we can plan and prepare for it.

For most of us our priority is going to be looking after ourselves and our family above all else.  We’ll have new challenges to deal with trying to keep kids entertained and educated, getting used to working from home, helping out more vulnerable relatives and neighbours who can’t help themselves, and obviously dealing with the anxiety and stress that you may already be feeling and will certainly grow as this virus continues to spread.

But we can also choose to make time to put ourselves and our businesses in the best possible position for the future.  This is probably… hopefully… a once in a lifetime occurrence for us, but if we look for the opportunity in the crisis, it is a break from your normal routine… a break from the constant pressure to deliver to your customers, your bosses, your investors and your tenants.

So whilst everyone else is slowing down from a work perspective, and you feel a release from some of that pressure, we can make a choice to put some of our additional capacity towards tasks that will give us and our businesses the best chance to survive and even thrive when we do get back to business as usual.


Listen to this episode below:

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Here’s a sneak peek at what discussed this time:

02:25 – Define your long term goals

03:55 – Create your 90 day plan

05:50 – Take time to organise the chaos

08:40 – Automate simple tasks

10:30 – Document and delegate low value work

12:10 – Create a test plan for an area of your business

14:25 – Educate yourself


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Links Mentioned

The E-Myth – an essential read for anyone trying to work ON their business rather than IN it


Task 1 – Goal Setting

Goal Setting – download our financial freedom goal setting guide


Task 2 – 90 Day Planning

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits – Rockefeller was famous for focussing on 90 day efforts


Task 3 – Organise

Getting Things Done – the best productivity method we’ve implemented in our business

GTD Website – high level insights into each of the stages of the Getting Things Done method


Task 4 – Automate

Zapier – easily automate processes based on ‘if this, then that’ logic


Task 5 – Delegate

30 Tasks to Outsource – download our free guide to property tasks that are easy to outsource to a VA

4 Hour Work Week – learn from the godfather of outsourcing, automation and delegation



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