070: Jahlyn King started her property journey by purchasing her council house, and has used that as a stepping stone to build up a million pound portfolio




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Jahlyn KingJahlyn used to be a stressed out staff nurse working 14 hour shifts but when she made the decision to stop dabbling in property part time and take it more seriously, her life changed. Property enabled her to fire her incompetent manager and now at only 37 years old she counts herself as retired.

She now has a million pound property portfolio, has written a book about property investing, and is working on a business where both the rich and poor can benefit from the wonderful rewards that property brings.

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Investing Strategies

Jahlyn is very clear that she doesn’t want property to become another job. That’s why when she got to the stage that she had enough income from her properties to live off, she stopped investing.

She can go on holiday when she wants, wake up when she’s had enough sleep, and eat when she wants to eat (a luxury after her time as a nurse)!

Having said that, now that she’s thinking about having a family at some point in the future, and knowing that her expenses will increase as a result, she’s beginning to think about the next deal again and believes that 5 properties will be the next target that gives her enough to be happy.

Biggest Success

With the 3rd property she bought, Jahlyn decided to go bigger and better. She found a house that was on the market for £250,000 when all the other comparables were selling for £280,000. It was being sold by a tired landlord who was selling a few properties quickly to get out of the business.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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Lucky Pennies – Jahlyn King

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