063: Jamie York made a small fortune whilst trading at university, but quickly moved to property investing after an introduction by one of his lecturers



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Jamie York Aspire PropertiesJamie is a property investor from South East London who bought his first property at 19, and now at only 23 has built a business that sources in excess of 20 property deals per month and generates him a healthy six figure income.

With the help of a good team that he has built up and the systems he has put in place he can now work from anywhere in the world and regularly does.

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Investing Strategies

Jamie is predominantly a property sourcer. This means he searches for property deals through direct marketing, working with the vendors to understand their situation, and figuring out the best solution to their problem.

He thinks of himself in this way, as a problem solver rather than a salesperson, and he believes this allows him to agree a lot more deals as the vendors begin to trust him.

He then sells these deals on to investors who don’t have the time or resources to find excellent deals like this themselves.

Biggest Success

Despite not yet seeing himself as successful, he is very proud of his ability to close, particularly deals like the one he was able to close in 20 minutes.

This was during a live training event where he was able to call a qualified lead, close the deal on the phone and sell it on via his database within 20 minutes.

He is clearly exceptional at what he does, but he surrounds himself with a good team and great systems to make things like this possible as well.

Biggest Difficulty

As his business took off, it grew quite large, quite quickly. At one point he had £40,000 of sales on the books but didn’t have the systems in place to track and complete them all.

Unfortunately 2 of those deals fell through the cracks, and one in particular sticks out in his mind as he can look back and see exactly why it didn’t go through and it all boiled down to not chasing is through as much as he does now.

Needless to say, lessons were learnt to ensure no more deals are missed.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want – Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible – Brian Tracy

Wage Slave to Financial Freedom – Neil Mansell

Jamie York’s Links & Resources

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