009: Jason Living turned his property career into a property empire



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Jason LivingJason originally qualified as a Chartered Surveyor and worked as a planning consultant on large commercial development projects. He joins us on this week’s property podcast to talk about how a hobby became a career.

He became a full time investor in 2000 and built his business rapidly to around 200 properties within 7 years. He also bought and sold more than 30 properties in that period. The credit crunch did prove very challenging but he successfully steered his business through that difficult time and still owns and manages a portfolio of nearly 200 properties which he is now expanding using creative financial strategies.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It
– Michael E. Gerber

Biggest Success

Surviving the biggest recession in anyone’s living memory, thanks to his never say die attitude and hanging on to everything he could.

Biggest Difficulty

Jason we purchasing a commercial property with 4 residential flats at the peak of the property market, until the surveyors refused to value it at it’s true value of £1.1 million (instead insisting it was only worth what they were paying – £825,000). In the end he had to complete using expensive bridging and private finance which put a huge dent in their cashflow… but he was able to refinance 9 months later.

Jason’s Links & Resources

linkedin.com/in/jasonliving – Jason’s Linkedin Profile
facebook.com/jason.living.5 – Jason’s Facebook Profile

3 Responses

  1. Really enjoyed this Podcast, Jason is such a great guy, not ashamed by his failures and proud that he has survived after a severe beating by the banks when many others have fallen by the wayside.

    A property wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. He comes across as very passive and reserved, but he’s obviously a very successful business man!

  2. I really enjoyed this podcast, another great one. Love Jason’s attitude and its given me new motivation to start my property journey.

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