153: Jesse Fossey Taylor is a serial entrepreneur who moved into the property world after creating & selling a chain of sandwich bars, and has since purchased well over 500 properties

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Jesse Fossey TaylorJesse is a Nottingham based property investor who’s been investing across Nottingham & Derby for the last 6 years. Prior to that his investment focus area was Northampton and over the course of his career he’s invested in over 190 properties in his personal portfolio.

Not only that, but his companies have been responsible for the purchase of well over 500 properties in the East Midlands, with a total gross development value of £100 million.

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Investing Strategies

Simply speaking, Jesse grows his portfolio through momentum investing. He buys run down properties at a discounted price, renovates them to a suitable standard for single lets, refinances them at a higher value releasing his cash, then moves on to the next one.

After every couple of deals when he’s got some excess funds, Jesse will add to his HMO portfolio as well, and occasionally he gets involved in larger development deals.

In addition to his own portfolio, he also runs a group of property business offering everything from mortgages and insurance to project and property management, making it a one stop shop for hands free investors.

Biggest Success

Due to his approach of keeping things simple, none of his deals really stand out in his mind as favourite.

What really stood out to me though was that rather than trying to get too creative and too clever, he has stuck with a model that works because of his simplicity, and as such has been able to build an enviable portfolio that many people pursuing ‘creative’ strategies can only dream of.

Biggest Difficulty

When you keep your model simple, there’s not much scope for things to go wrong. Obviously properties have problems over the years – things like boilers breaking down or not noticing damp during the purchase process – but Jesse expects these to crop up from time to time and 12 months down the line, the problem is always a distant memory.

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The Richest Man in Babylon – George S Clason

Jesse Fossey Taylor’s Links & Resources

FosseyTaylor.com – Find out more about Jesse’s main property business, and book on to one of his Nottingham discovery days

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