028: John Kerr has been investing in property for 40 years and has built a diverse portfolio including single lets, holiday lets, LHA tenants and HMOs



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John KerrBuying his first investment property in 1982, John has been involved in property investing to some extent for almost 40 years, although it wasn’t until a lightbulb moment in 2008 when he realised he could buy multiple cash flowing properties and quit his high paid job.

Since then, he has focussed on building a diverse portfolio including single lets, holiday lets, LHA tenants, HMOs, and a London flat delivering a 33% ROI, and his emphasis is now on continuously increasing the gross income from his properties through imaginative strategies.

John, that’s the high level overview. Now help us get inside your head with a little personal insight into your background and what makes you tick.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

Biggest Success

One of the first properties John bought when he started to take his investing seriously was a 4 bedroom ex-local authority house on the Elephant & Castle. He was due to exchange contracts on it in the first week of October, 2008 – the week the banks went belly-up.

After going back to the estate agent, it transpired the owner was on the brink of repossession and desperate to sell, so the deal was renegotiated and John hasn’t looked back.

He refurbished the property, it has since doubled in value, and has gone from making him £400 a month cash flow to £1,900 a month cash flow.

The capital appreciation has been almost £4,000 a month, and whilst John never buys property with capital appreciation in mind, it’s shown him buying in the right area is so important.

Biggest Difficulty

Whilst John was still working in his Chief Executive position, he didn’t think he had sufficient time to invest in property himself so he worked with people offering armchair investor services.

All of the deals that haven’t gone well have been based around the premise of giving money to a third party on the basis that they would find properties for him.

His advice, having been stung a few times, is to always make sure your funds are going straight into the ownership of a property rather than going through a third party ‘guru’.

John’s Links & Resources

yourpartnerinproperty.co.uk – Discover more about John & Cassie, their business, and how they can help other investors achieve success.

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