195: London-based interior designer and property developer, Karolina Adamczyk, explains how great design can yield better financial returns

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Karolina AdamczykToday I am delighted to be joined by Karolina Adamczyk,  a London-based Interior Designer, Property Developer and a part-time Banker. She ventured into property three years ago, following a life-long passion for making interiors look and work better.

Through her business Podcova Property, she is focusing on her own portfolio in London’s North West regeneration areas as well as helping other landlords maximise their returns with every stage of the design and process from creating the best layouts to furnishing, accessorising and photographing the end results.

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Maximising Your Property’s Potential

It’s often the case that if you’re developing a property, the staging and design budget can find itself slashed, when costs inevitably over-run during the earlier stages. However, Karolina’s passion for design means that she’s able to ensure that those final few expenses are worth their weight in gold.

By paying attention to design, staging, and photography, Karolina says developers and landlords are more likely to receive offers on or over the asking price of the property, with the projects she’s worked on seeing their value increase by between 5% and 10%

This is in part because potential buyers or tenants nowadays are busy, and they don’t have time to view every property that comes onto the market. By ensuring your design makes the best use of the space, and that your staging sells a dream aesthetic, and not just bricks and mortar, you can ensure your property is the one they choose to view.

By increasing your reach to potential clients, the extra you invest at the end of the project can make a positive difference not just aesthetically, but financially as well.

Using Crowdfunding to Fund a Project

Outside of her design work, Karolina also invests in buy-to-hold property in the regeneration areas of north-west London. While finding investors can be a struggle, she’s had incredible success in crowdfunding her latest project through Simple Equity, by bringing her own and her business partner, Thomas’s, networks onto the platform.

Their latest project was funded in just 8 days, and Karolina believes the value of crowdfunding lines in its two-pronged reach. First, before going live with your proposal, you’re forced to make a case for yourself, complete the required paperwork, and show that you have the network to support you.

Secondly, Karolina believes that crowdfunding is a better marketing tool than she could have imagined. Because it’s so easy for people to reach out once a project is live, it’s easy to connect and discuss future opportunities with like-minded colleagues in the industry.

The Importance of Networking

This style of networking is something that Karolina values highly. Coming from a banking background, she allowed herself time to build up a network in property, and says that it was finding the people she clicked with, that helped motivate her, and provided her with valuable support and opportunities.

In the future, she hopes to build a property from scratch, but for now she’s open to investment opportunities, and will continue to help clients with their design, staging, and photography needs.

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Karolina Adamczyk’s Links & Resources

To get in touch with Karolina, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram under the name Podcova Property, or you can contact her via her website, at www.podcovaproperty.com.

She also sends out a quarterly newsletter, which you can sign up to online.

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